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blah blah blah summer drama

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We filed off the plane into the open summer air of Chicago, ah what a beautiful site. A great open valley, with about seven cabins, a big building which I'm guessing was the mess hall, a couple of small stages, and right besides the lake there was a huge concert area.

A couple of people walked out of the mess hall and over to the group of kids.

Hello Campers! A blonde woman said sounding almost too happy.

My name is Cindi, and I'm the head councilor here at Hammond's Music Camp! This is Robbie She said introducing the boy standing next to her He may look young but he is one of the most impressive guitarist you will ever meet, guaranteed.

Hi Robbie said I will be working with any of you who play acoustic, electric or bass guitar.

Next we have amber! Cindi said introducing a short browned haired girl. She was holding drumsticks and twirling them around.

She will be working with all our drummers

Yo Amber said

And finally said Cindi We have our vocal coach Tyler
She pointed to a gorgeous blonde boy. His bangs fell over his right eye just covering his eyebrow piercing. He had a spacer in his left ear and a barbell in his right. Cindi motioned for him to say something but he remained silent. Cindi sighed but continued with the introduction of the camp. A man named John Hammond started it in 1967; he had a real passion for music. He wrote music and lyrics and could pick up any instrument and in about a day learn how to play it and play it well at that. Never being aloud to follow his dream of being a musician since his family did not have money he became a music teacher at a local High school. When he retired at the age of 40 he funded this music camp. It was completely free to get into and open to any aspiring musician. Unfortunately he passed away in 1987 when at the final concert an Amp caught fire and he was caught under the stage saving a young boy. The camp was left to his son who decided to make it an organization to raise money for his fathers dream. In other words, the camp now costs money, a lot of it, and was restricted to only about 30 kids a year, although the money from this camp funds all the other ones around the world which are still free.

Next we toured the camp, the small stages are for practicing and the larger one was for the concert at the end of the summer. She took us through all the cabins, which were surprisingly roomy, there were three beds in each and she said there were four kids to a cabin. Great! I thought.

* Finally the rules of the camp are as followed:

Number 1: The Curfew is 10 on weekdays and 11 on weekends, you only have classes Monday through Friday and its your responsibility to practice.

Number Two: There is a mall about a block away, you are allowed to go there but if you skip class or cause trouble you will be restricted from it.

Number Three: You are allowed to go swimming and take out the boats but if anything happens to you or the equipment we are not liable for it.

Number Four: The instruments you get will be yours to keep but that means if anything happens to them you need to fix them.
And finally

Number Five, we seem to have trouble with this: The
cabins are co-ed but the showers are not! *

I heard some girls begin to giggle and I heard some guys go Awe man

All right Cindi started I know most of you are in your own bands together, but we are going to mix things up a bit. According to the information you gave us when you applied we have split you up into groups. These groups shall be your band for the summer; you will work together and cabin together. Everyone understand?
Everyone nodded, I was happy this means that I wont be put with my brother, but I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach that he still wouldn't leave me alone.

Alright Cabin one, Pete Wentz, Matt Johnston, Gerard Way, and Andrew Hurley, Cabin Two Patrick Stump, Mikey Way, Chris Gaylor, and Nick Wheeler, Cabin Three Sonny Moore, Ryan Ross, Joe Trohman and Andrea Hurley, Cabin Four, Brendon Urie, Bob Bryar, Ray Toro and Frank Iero, Cabin Five Tyson Ritter, Mike Kennerty, and Spencer Smith Cabin Six, Avril Lavinge, Matthew Hoopes, David Douglas and Brain Pittman and Finally Cabin Seven is for the rest of the singers unfortunately we do not have a band for you so you will have other musicians perform with you during the concert, Ashlee Simpson, Christina Aguilera, and Hilary Duff. All right guys get your stuff and get to your cabins and get to know each other, you'll be spending the next two months together. We will meet in the concert area at 7 am tomorrow morning.

I sighed and got my one bag from the pile of luggage and started heading towards cabin three. Matt caught up to me and gave me a hug.

You know, this is probably for the best he said
I looked at him with tearful eyes.

Awe Andy, don't cry he whispered in my ear while rubbing my back. I couldn't take this anymore, I haven't seen my brother for years, and when I do I slap him and now I'm at a camp in the middle of nowhere having to bunk with three boys I don't know and my best friend cant even be with me all the time, even though he is here. Matt walked me down to the beach and we laid down in the sand staring at the clouds. Matt knows what to do when I'm upset, just be with me and stay silent.

When I was finally finished crying I looked over at Matt, he just smiled sympathetically at me and sat up.

You wanna talk about it

Well its just...

Andy, you can tell me anything, Ill always be here remember.

I smiled remembering the first time we met.

Matt promise me something right here and right now I said

Anything Babe

No matter what happens, if we become famous, if we don't, if we find love, if we break hearts, we will always be best friends

No matter what Andy I promise on

On what?

He looked up at me shyly, our faces inched closer together until the tips of our noses were touching, I could feel myself blushing but I couldn't pull away it felt so right. Matt leaned in closer and kissed me. I smiled into the kiss; Ive been waiting for this for so long. When we finally pulled apart Matt was smiling like an idiot.

/ I promise on my love for you/

Note from PIP:

Who can name all the band all those people are from. come on i dare you :)
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