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Ryan's P.O.V

Joe, Pete, Andy, Matt and I all walked into the cabin. Andrea was lying on the bed giggling and saying random things. We all looked at her and then at Sonny.

"He I don't know what's wrong with her." He shrugged.
She got up from the bed and came over to me.

"Heeeeeeeeeyyy, Ryannnnnn." she laughed "Why is there two of you?" and she jumped on me "Your cuddly" she said snuggling into my shoulder. I stroked the back of her head, and got something red and sticky all over my hand.

"Andy, are you ok?" Matt asked looked very scared. I showed him my hand and he gasped.

"Black is a pretty color." Andrea laughed and then passed out.

"What's wrong with her?" Pete asked.

"Well her and Cindi got in a fight and Cindi pushed her over and then she said she had a headache." Sonny explained.

"Jesus Christ, we have to get her help." I said.

"All right there has to be medical people around here somewhere." Andy said finally.

Nice to know he is concerned. "Lets split up and go find someone."

"And leave her here?" Matt asked close to tears, "No I won't do that to her!"

"Matt, listen to me, she's passed out. She isn't going anywhere. The best thing we can do for her right now is to go find help"

"All right, but if anything happens to her, I'm blaming you," he said pointing to Andy.

"Hey what did I do?"

"Oh please Andrea is my best friend, she tells me everything." And he walked out of the Cabin. Pet and Joe followed, and then Andy and I left.


A boy walked into the Cabin and approached Andrea's bedside. He picked her up and carried her to a small cabin in the woods. A few minutes later, Andrea woke up. She scanned the small room looking for something she remembered. Seeing a young boy she smiled.

"Hi I'm uhm Andrea, I think?" she said, "Do you know where I am?"

"A far better place" the boy said staying in the shadows so she could not see his face.

"What's your name?" she asked.


"Wow, I've never met a Tyler before, that's a cool name"

"Thank you" he replied.

"Tyler, do you know why I can't remember anything?" she asked him.

"You hit your head." He informed her. "I'm going to keep you here and take care of you until you're better."

"Oh why that is very nice of you." She smiled back "You haven't by any chance seen my brother Andy have you?" she asked him.

"No why?"

"Oh well him and his friends left yesterday, and they were supposed to come back and get me."
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