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Matt's P.O.V.

Andy has been awfully quite this whole trip. I guess he is just upset about his sister, oh who am I kidding he doesn't even care about her. We met up with Ryan and Joe in front of the mess hall and they said that they had no luck. A few minutes later Pete and Sonny arrived and said that someone told them that there was a small medic cabin in the woods and they would take them there tomorrow.

"Tomorrow?" I asked, "Will she be alright that long?"

"The bleeding wasn't heavy." Ryan said, "So she should be fine."

"That"s a relief" Pete sighed.

"Let"s get back to the cabin and check on her" Sonny chimed in. "We've been gone for almost an hour she might have woken up."

"Alright let's go."

When we got back to the cabin all the lights were off and the door was open. I bet we all had the same thing going through our heads because we all ran inside.

"ANDY!" we all screamed, but she wasn't there.

"Where could she have gone?" Joe asked.

"I don't know but we have to find her fast." I added

"Why?" Andy asked me.

"Because she is terrified of the dark"

"What still, she's still scared of the dark I can't believe this," he moaned

"What the fuck are you complaining about?" Ryan spat at him.

"You seriously don't give a shit about your own twin sister?" Pete asked him.

"No I don't! Are you guys all happy now? She doesn't care about me why should I care about her!"

"You disgust me." Joe said to him and then walked towards the door. "I'll find Patrick, he will help us look for her."

"I'll come with you" Pete said.

"Me too." Sonny added.

"Guys come on, she could be anywhere?" Andy complained.

"Fuck you Andy!" all three yelled and left the cabin.

"FYI Andrew." I said to him "Andy does care about you, more then you know. You're all she talks about. She loves you; you're her fucking brother, Her twin brother! She hates to admit it, but she does miss you. She doesn't think you abandoned her, she knows you left for a reason. But I mean come on man, her mom just abandoned her here, you could have at least tried to fix things." Ryan had to practically pull me out of the Cabin so I didn't punch Andy in the face. What is his problem? I think he knows more about where Andrea is then he is telling us.

Andy's P.O.V.

/Flash Back/

"Ok so she should be passing out right about now" I heard a girl say.

"You made her hit her head right?" a boy asked her.

"Tyler of course I did, I hate that bitch. I still can't believe you got her to come here."

"Haha I just paid a little visit to her mother, and she gave so easily when I said it was for 'troubled teens'."

"Oh revenge is sweet." The girl laughed.

I hid behind a tree so I could listen to the rest of their conversation.

"Ok so when they all leave the cabin, you have to go and grab her and bring her to the medical cabin, the pills should wipe her memory for a few days, just make sure she doesn't see anyone she knows or else it might wear off sooner." The girl explained. I still couldn't see their faces, but there voices sounded really familiar.

"She will regret ever ditching us." The guy laughed. "Who knew a makeover and name change would make it so easy to fool someone."

"Josh don't be cocky, just make sure you get her to write a song." The girl said angrily.

"Oh all right Vanessa." He spat back.

Now I remember them Vanessa and Joshua Hines. Andreas best friends before she met Matt. They must be trying to get her back for leaving them. I guess I was leaning a bit too far because I feel over and made a loud noise.

"Well. Well. Well. What do we have here?" Vanessa said approaching me

"Hello Vanessa, long time no see."

"Well Andrew Hurley. My oh my were you listing the whole time."

"That's very rude dude." Josh said coming up behind me.

"So you heard our whole plot?"

"Every word."

"And I suppose you want us to give it up now do you?"

"That would be nice."

"Well tough luck Andrew" Josh said to me. "We are getting even no matter what. And you won't say a word to anyone about this. In fact you will act like you hate your sister, so no one ever suspects us."

"And why would I do that?"

"Because if you don't everyone will find out about your sisters past and yours. Now you wouldn't want that would you?"

"Once a bitch always a bitch Vanessa."

"Love you too Andy." And she blew me a kiss. "And remember we will be watching you." And the two walked off.

"Hey Andy, there you are." Joe said running up to me. "We're going back to Ryan's cabin, hurry up"

End Flash Back

I can't believe I let those fuckers mess with me. But no one will believe me now, what am I going to do? Andrea is going to lose her very essence, her writing. And everyone is going to blame me. I have to set things right, even if it means revealing our horrible pasts, and I set off to the cabin in the woods.
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