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After Jake learns Rose's dark secret, things go bad. Jake gets captured by the Huntsclan, and to be the sacrifice in a horrible ritual to fulfill a bloody prophecy, but not before his identity is r...

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'Fear grips me as she runs toward me...I have to defend myself...but I can't hurt her...she's my friend. But if I don't, she'll kill me...I battle within myself as she draws nearer...time seems to stop as she says, "Say goodbye!" I feel excruciating pain and everything goes dark...'

I sat up in my bed, drenched in sweat. I was gasping for breath, and the world seemed to be spinning. I closed my eyes, trying to block out the dream...It was a dream, I tell myself firmly. It didn't really happen.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the image of Rose, Rose my friend, the girl I've had a crush on since the beginning of eighth grade, as she unknowingly revealed to me that she was Huntsgirl...

Even if it didn't happen then, it will eventually. As that thought passed through my mind, a sudden chill ran through me, cutting through my bones, making me feel as though I had just been frozen solid. Someday the day would come when I would have to make the decision...Do I defeat the Huntsgirl to save the magical world...or do I die so that Rose will be okay?

Still breathing heavily, I crawled back into bed...Being the American Dragon was not easy...'I am walking through the hallway of my school, hoping that I don't run into...Rose! As she draws nearer to me, I try to remain calm. "Yo, Rose, 'sup?" I ask casually.

"You know what's up," she replies coldly. "I know your secret, Jake. You are the American Dragon." I open my mouth in horror, but she isn't finished. "And I just wanted to let you know, Jake," she says softly, "THAT I DON'T CARE! My job as Huntsgirl is to slay prepare to die...Hiyah!"'


"Jake!" I awoke to someone yelling my name. I slowly opened my eyes, taking in my surroundings. I was in my room, lying on my bed, and, once again, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath. And bending over me was my mom and dad.

"Mom? Dad?" I asked weakly. I tried to get up, but was quickly stopped by my mom, who had an extremely worried look on her face.

As I lay back down, my mom put a cold hand on my pounding head. "He's warm," she said to Dad, who also looked concerned.

"Yo, Moms, I'm fine," I said feebly, once again trying to block out the nightmare.

"No, you're not," said Dad firmly, sticking a thermometer into my mouth. I was too tired to protest, so took it calmly. "Whew!" he whistled. "111 degrees! I'll call a doctor!"

"No, really, Pops," I protested, "I'm fine. I've got, like, a huge Mythology test today..."

"Not anymore," said Dad. "I'm calling a doctor! You could be in serious danger with a temp that high!" And he strode out of the room.

"It's not really 111 is it?" I asked Mom, frowning. "If it was that high, I'd be, like, dead."

"It appears that way on the thermometer, but dragons can get much higher temperatures than humans...but it only affects you like a temperature of, say, 101. Listen, Jake," she said, changing the subject. "I called your Grandfather to come over. He might be able to help you...with whatever it is that's troubling you." And, smiling slightly, she walked out of the room, saying, "Just call if you need anything."
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