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Meeting in between fuchsia flowers and corpses

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a drive to the cemetery

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Meeting in between fuchsia flowers and corpses

Chapter 14

Gerard turned the wheel sharply and parked on the only free parking space, receiving an angry horn from a pretty woman on her small, red car. He sighed as he took the keys from the ignition, fingers wavering a bit. He closed the door behind him with a bit too much force and saw the young woman behind him through the reflection on the door. She had bleached hair except for her bangs that were dirty blonde. She had this gigantic pair of brown eyes that were surrounded by black eyeliner, mascara and pink eye shadow that matched her shirt. It was a plain shirt that had scribbled 'No one puts baby in the corner'. Her thin legs were covered with a pair of tight skinny jeans and she had black boots on. She smiled wholeheartedly and extended her hand towards him as he turned around to face her.
"Hey, I'm Kamz Wentz" She uttered. He shook her hand quickly and grinned, "I'm Gerard Way" he rambled without further ado. She giggled.
"That's obvious"
"So what are you doing here?" Gerard asked as he followed her throughout the otherwise lonely cemetery. There was a swift breeze than jumbled their hair and a sweet smell lingered in the air, it was flowers combined with something else...a different scent.
"I was on my way to work when this rock star almost made me crash my car. I swear, they're danger to society when they're on four wheels." She replied, swiftly turning right when she spotted a gigantic oak tree covered in daisies. He laughed,
"Sorry about that" He apologized, hiding his trembling hands on his jacket's pockets nervously, "I was a bit...anxious to put it some way"
"So, yeah... I decided to give you a hand finding the grave and them heading back to work. It is a pretty big cemetery and I'm sure the guys can function without me for twenty minutes or so" she mumbled, walking in a straight line towards a procession of fuchsia flowers. She pointed at a beautiful grave in front them, which was completely unnecessary since as soon as he saw them he knew they had reached the place...Alice's final resting place.
"It was a pleasure meeting you, Gerard." She said truthfully and turned around to leave, thinking it was best for him to be alone in that sad place.
"Why don't you hate me?" He asked slowly, in an almost undistinguishable tone. She furrowed her brow at first, not understanding. As she paused and stared at the grave hard for a few minutes she realized where the question was coming from. She took her time before responding.
"She said she loved you." She slurred, turning a pair of rings from her left hand unconsciously and stared at them hard as she realized what she was doing. She took a deep breath before continuing,
" This one time we were talking she said that she felt guilty for not being able to 'fix' you" Kamz garbled, wiping a tear from her eye and staring into Gerard's eyes earnestly. They shone with guilt and pain and in between the shades of green she could make
Pure and sincere love.
'/Too bad it took him this long to understand...If only Alice had know...Would things have been better? Perhaps not better, they'd obviously been different.../
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