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Back to gay teachers

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daniel and Allison's return to school

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Chapter 15

It was so weird returning to school. There was the regular 'Welcome back!' sign posted on the entrance and everywhere he turned around there were kids with backpacks. It was loaded; kids seemed to squirm from the gutters. Daniel leaned his head back on the nearest wall he found, of course there were other kids there.
He hated the fact he had to be surrounded by thousands of kids before, but now that he had returned from the road it was much more difficult. He had been surrounded by music geniuses, if not geniuses then the nearest thing he had ever seen from one. And now back to fucking /school/. Back to the staring and the stupid question,
"Oh my God! I heard your dad is Bert Mccracken from The Used, is that true?"
He was sick of it...He wanted to strangle every breathing creature that stood on his sight. A random classmate passed by his side and nodded at him, Daniel only groaned. He was searching if any teachers were at sight to see if he had any opportunity to skip, then he saw her walking towards him.
She had black shorts with fishnets underneath, feet covered in a pair of black Mary Jane high heels. Her chest was covered in a white sleeveless t-shirt that had a deep U neck that accentuated her breast. There were dangles covering her wrists and several necklaces dangling from her neck as well. She had done the 'smoky eye' thing and applied lip balm on. But the most amazing thing was her hair; she had darker red extensions that complemented her originally red one. She looked amazing.
"HEY BABE!" She yelled, raising a hand over her head smiling. As soon as she reached Daniel she hugged him and kissed him passionately, slipping her tongue unto his mouth and vaguely biting his lip as they pulled apart.
" look amazing Ally" He whispered, short for words. He told her that.
"You think? The whole 'being on the road' thing sort of gave me the balls to finally do it" She said giggling as they entered the building.
'Forget skipping' Daniel thought to himself as they entered the classroom.
Allison had a knack for distracting everyone's attention. While they were on the road she hadn't dressed up much since she hadn't been able to bring her own stuff, mostly she had used Daniel's. But give her the utensils and she groomed herself perfectly.
Eyes were usually on her and Daniel.
It was normal.
They were both used to it. It's not like they craved it, well, Allison maybe did a little. Daniel didn't. He wore plain band t's, jeans and converse.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.
They paced to homeroom just as the teacher entered the room.
"Mrs Ortiz, Mr Mccracken I see that you two lovebirds are still together, huh?" Mr Zimmer said, placing his hands together and sort of clapping.
They both nodded and walked to the back of the class.
"How charming! Charming..." Mr Zimmer continued.
He was so gay.
What troubled most of his students was that he wouldn't come out of the closet. Other than that he was a terrific teacher. He really was.

Ben entered the house, on his and Elizabeth's side of the house. It had been a wonderful arrangement and he loved to live with two of his best friends that were not in the band. He loved the guys but they spent too much time together that it was better to stay as far away as possible sometimes.
Especially counting on how complicated his life was now.
He felt he was living under this huge amounts of secrets, and that they were pulling him downward completely, making him sink in this sea of preoccupations.
Luckily Elizabeth understood everything perfectly. He had laid it to her plainly, telling her every single detail. And surprisingly, she understood completely. Ben couldn't help but smile.
He undid the upper lock and the door was opened from the inside. It was Kamz, her face preoccupied.
"What's up?" Ben asked.
She led him into his kitchen and sat him down, serving some juice. She sat by his side and looked at him sternly.
"You were supposed to tell everything to everyone. Screw that, I don't have to tell you what to say but you should've at least told us what you said..."Kamz said, her voice rising somewhat.
"Whoa, Whoa! From where is this coming?" Ben asked worriedly.
"Gerard called." Ben stared at her hard, rushing her to continue,
"He wanted to visit...and I didn't know who he wanted to visit. Thank God I didn't say any names. He said Alice then and that's when I realized what was happening."
Ben nodded at this, thanking God for his luck. The started to stand up but Kamz grabbed his arm and ushered him to sit back down.
"I saw him today on my way to work. I accompanied him to her grave. He finally understood he loves her"
Ben looked at her in confusion, rising his eyebrows "Loves who?"
"Alice" She said simply. Ben laughed sarcastically,
"A bit late, isn't it?"
"Yes, but better late than never" She stated. This time she stood, "I think what you're doing is unfair to everyone, but you have the final word on it. You always tell us our opinion is important to you, so I'm telling you mine. Do whatever you please." She stated, grabbing her coat from the chair.
"You think about what I said, I really need to go to work now. I haven't gone there all morning"
And with that Kamz departed, leaving a confused Ben with his thoughts alone, sitting with a cup of orange juice in front of him. He sat back down and drank the orange juice, staring hardly at it.
God, he disliked orange juice.
Why would he take it?

Author's Note
I'm sorry I haven't uploaded the chapters more quickly, I've had them for a few days already but my internet broke down and my school's computers where out of service too so I haven't had any way to upload them sooner.
I'm sorry.
Also, I wanted to tell you guys that I'm gonna end this story soon too.
I know, its pretty short but the thing is...
1- I really don't have much to add, of course, I've got ideas and things I've got to write down and explain. But there's not much for the story to go on.
2- On June 10 I'm travelling to the USA so I won't have time to upload chapters, and if I do the most probable thing is that they're written in a hurry and I'm not about to start writing extremely crappy chapters.

I apologize for:
-not being able to upload the chapters more frequently
-not making the story so long
-for boring the hell out of you with this super long Author's Note.
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