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Cemetery Lights

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This is my first story, don't shoot me! Gerard and Frank are in love ( No Duh) But when a crazed vampire kidnaps Frank, what will Gerard do to get him back from one of his own?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-25 - Updated: 2007-05-26 - 480 words

So yeah.. First story... its been in my head for like... two days.. and I wanted to get it down before my brain moved on.. Yeah

Gerard's POV

I smiled as Frank curled deeper into me, nuzzling his head into my shoulder. He sighed, breathing in my scent. I never understood how I fell in love with a human, and such a beautiful one at that, or how he fell in love with me, a creature of the night. I looked around the graveyard we were in, we were leaning on my grave. For some reason he had never asked me how I died, only that I was dead and he wasn't.

He never asked me how I hadn't turned him into a vampire like me, only that I hadn't.

He only asked how long I'd stay with him, and I always told him forever.

He stirred against me and started to lift his head, leaving a gentle kiss near my neck. I moaned slightly and he giggled, " Horny bastard" He said softly, " Of course" I hiss back, kissing him slightly, pulling him up beside me. " We should go back home" he laughed looking at his watch, and yawning.

Once they arrived at their one bedroom apartment I lifted him up and carried him to our room. He leaned against me and was asleep before I could get him to the bed. I tucked him and sat in the chair next to bed. I don't need sleep, I sometimes lay next to him, but I never sleep, which ruins his dreams of watching me while I sleep. He whined when he didn't feel me near him, " Geee... Come lay" he cooed. I smiled and lay down beside him.

We stayed like that for a few hours until I felt a presence that I knew shouldn't be here. I untangled Franks limbs from me and walked out of the room and into our living room, " Who's here?" someone sped from the dark of the doorway to the light, " I can't believe you don't remember, big brother" the man said.

" Mikey?" I asked, " What the hell are you doing?" I asked my little brother. Mikey walked around the room looking at the pictures of Frank and I from the past two years we had been together, " Huh. Of course, you get all the power in the world as a vampire and choose to stay with a fag of a human" He hissed, " Shut up!" I yelled back, " Gee?" Frankie asked tiredly from the room," Stay in there" I answered, " Gee?" He asked again, " FRANKIE! STAY IN THE ROOM!" I yelled back. That only made Frank more worried about his boyfriend and he came out of the room rubbing his eyes. " Gee what's goin-" He was cut off by Mikey grabbing him by the collar, " Gee? Help?" He asked whimpering.

ooooooooohhh what now!?
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