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You're very uncool

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This is my first story, don't shoot me! Gerard and Frank are in love ( No Duh) But when a crazed vampire kidnaps Frank, what will Gerard do to get him back from one of his own?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-26 - Updated: 2007-05-26 - 603 words

So... 19 Reads... thats pretty sweet.. and one review! I'm such a dork, thanks for reading by the way.

And I would've had this out earlier but there was cookie dough in the fridge and... Well... I had to put it to use so now I have wonderful cookies!

Gerard's POV

Frank started whimpering, he always hated being scared, funny, seeing as he lives with one of the media's most covered ' scary creature'. " Don't move, Gerard. I could kill him easily and you know that" Mikey said. I nodded and backed up, " What do you want, Mikes?" I asked him quietly. Keeping my eyes away from Frank, I didn't want to see him suffer.

Mikey just laughed, " You don't remember? This was only, what, 100 years ago? 100 years without my lover, you took her from me. So now I'm taking your lover." What the hell? His lover? Wait... Alicia?

~~: Flashback :~~

God Dammit I'm hungry I hissed in my brain. I was sitting at home, waiting for Mikey to come back with something, anything. I then remember that his girlfriend was here, she was human and she always smelled so good. I smiled, barring my fangs and walked up the stairs. I decided to at least be slightly polite and knocked on her door, " Hold on" She called out. When she came to the door I smiled, " Hey Alicia.. Do you... Know when Mikey will be back?" I asked trying to keep my cool. " No, he said maybe in a few hours, why? Gerard... are you okay?" She asked. I smiled and grabbed her shoulder, " I will be" I hissed and licked her neck and sighed.

I smiled when I was done, looking down at her drained body I finally remember what I'd done. " Shit, Mikes gonna freak... Well.. she was just a human, right? He'll find a new one" I said outloud. I heard the front door open, damn. I walked down the stairs slowly and greeted Mikey, " Hey brother" he said smiling. " Hey" I whispered. " Where's Alicia?" He asked, " Upstairs" I said hiding my face from him.

" GERARD! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO??!" Mikey yelled, crashing down the stairs. He grabbed me by the shirt, tears in his eyes, " GEE! HOW COULD YOU?!?!" He yelled again, " It was an accident! I'm sorry!" I responded trying to break free from my little brothers clutch. He started crying, and backed up, " Get out... Get away from me, YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS!" He yelled running up the stairs. So I decided to take my leave, " Sorry brother" I said as I left the house.

~~: End Flashback :~~

" Mikey, that was over a hundred years ago! We were young, I couldn't handle it, you know I'm sorry!" I said to him, almost on my knees. " That doesn't change the fact that you hurt her, killed her! So now I'm gonna let you suffer, and your boyfriend here. He's quiet cute, I can see how you fell for him, and his blood.. wow" Mikey said and got close to his neck, " DON'T YOU TOUCH HIM!" I growled getting closer, " GEE!" Frankie yelled squirming from Mikey, " Oh don't worry, I won't touch him yet, I'm going to let you two suffer before I even think of drinking from him" He said, still holding him. I crashed to the floor, " Please, brother, I'm begging you, don't hurt him." I sobbed, " Oh, I can't fall for that, have fun without your boy" He said and disappeared.

I sat on the floor for who knows how long until I grabbed the phone, " Hey, Yeah. This is Gerard... I think we have a problem"
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