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Too Pretty To Kill

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Frankie has been stolen, what will Gee do to get him back?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-27 - Updated: 2007-05-27 - 668 words

Soo.. One of you said to make the chapters longer.. its kinda hard cause it feels long while I'm writing it and then when I see it it's like... a paragraph.. I'm very inspired right now though because I'm watching/listening to The Bird And The Worm by The Used.. Its addictive.

Frank's POV ( Finally)

Holy shit.. I'm gonna die.. Where is Gee? Tons of thoughts were running through my head while this man, Mikey, had me in a death grip. " What's wrong with you?" I screeched. He took me from Gee, there had to be something wrong. He turned me to face him and kneed me in the gut. Things like this had happened before, but his force was insane. He was still holding me up and put his teeth near my neck, his tounge barely touching me and his teeth scraping my skin, " NO! NO! GEE SAID HE WOULD!" I yelled. Mikey stopped and looked up at me, " What?" He growled, " Gerard... He said he'd be the first one to bite me... and not you.. Not anyone." I whimpered, trying to hide myself.

~~: Flashback :~~

" I always thought vampires were like... totally uncontrollable," The 18 year old version of me giggled, sitting in the lap of one of the most beautiful people, or creatures I had ever met. " Well... I used to be. But you changed that, you're too pretty to kill, and I promise if anyone is ever going to bite you, it'll be me" He smiled kissing my forehead. I smiled, laying my head on his shoulder and taking in his scent, " Good"

~~: End Flashback :~~

" Hm.. I said the same thing to Alicia, its not like he's being truthful, he's a vampire, and we lie." Mikey said pulling away from my neck, " But I'll listen to you, for now anyway" He hissed, and continued dragging me along.

Gerard's POV

" Are you sure it was Mikey?" The young, well, he might've looked young but he'd be around at least twice as long as Gerard had, asked as he appeared at Gerard and Frank's apartment, " Hell yeah I'm sure, Ray. He even remembers what I did to Alicia all those years ago." I hissed, running my hands through my hair and picking up a picture of me and Frank. I sighed and tossed it across the room, " We need to find them, who knows what he'll do to get revenge." I said quietly and sitting down at the glance of Ray through his insane curls. " Well, Bob said that he just saw Mikey the other day.. We could ask him where he saw him?" Ray offered. I thought about it for a second. Bob is helpful and he knows that I love Frankie. " Okay" I sighed, " Lets go for it"

Frank's POV

" Why do I have to be dragged into this?" I asked Mikey as he pushed me into the doorway of his house. " Cause Alicia was dragged into this, and she was mine. And apparently you're Gerard's so, thats where you come in.. Its all a cycle of revenge really." Mikey said continuing to push me along the corridors. " She must've been one hot bitch for you to go through all of this" I snickered. He was faster than I though and slammed me against the wall, " What?" He growled. He brought his fist back and slammed it to my face. " N-nothing." I stammered trying not to let the tears fall out. That hurt. He turned down the hall again, " While you're hear you'll listen to me, or I could easily kill you. Although I'll wait until Gerard can find us" He smiled. I followed him down the hall holding my face ( Yo' gotta hold yo' face! Sorry... ghetto school moment, not my fault) and silently whining about the pain. Once we got to the end of the hallway he opened the door and pushed me in, " Have fun" He said, almost bitterly and shut and locked the door, " Dammit... "

Eh, I tried. Hope you liked it.
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