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The Way We Get By

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Oh, dear. Patrick just can't keep his mouth shut on a first visit to the Doctor.

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Seeing as you guys are so lovely in the reviews, I made this chapter longer than the others for you to enjoy.

"So tell me why you don't think it's your baby?" Jenny asked, setting a glass of water down in front of Patrick, who was sitting at the kitchen table. She sat down opposite him and waited for an answer as he kept his head down, staring at his lap. A few times he opened his mouth to talk and thought better of it, and when he did his voice was hoarse and quiet.
"She's five months gone, right? Five months ago I was on the tour for promoting the album. I was away for like two months and only came home once, we had a huge fight just before I left and I thought everything was going good apart from those fights."
Jenny thought it over in her head, and nodded when she understood.
"She was unfaithful to me. She told me she wasn't. So I guess there's a fifty percent chance it's mine, and fifty percent chance it's the other guy's. Maybe more." He whispered, averting his gaze from his lap and out of the window where it was raining yet again.
"Oh, Patrick. I'm so sorry." Jenny said, looking him straight in the eye, but he didn't return the look.
"Me too."

"Were you sick last night, baby?" Pete asked, kissing Jenny on the neck as she stood at the sink in the kitchen. She was watching Patrick outside, who was sitting at the bottom of Pete's back yard under a tree, just staring at the raindrops forming a puddle in front of him.
"No, Patrick was though."
"Really? Aww, and you went to look after him? I think I love you even more." Pete said, squeezing her waist from behind and leaning his head on her shoulder. They both stood and watched Patrick for a minute or two, pondering what they could do to help.
"I think he's really sick, Pete." Jenny said finally. "I think it's taken a toll on him more physically than mentally."
"I don't know what to do to help him, Jen. Andy says he'll get over it but look at him... he's a wreck."
"I know. Andy's right, though. You've got to give him time."
"May I ask why he's sitting out in the rain, though?"
Jenny shrugged.
"Maybe he likes it."
"If he likes being a walking snowman then yeah." Pete replied, as the phone began to ring in the hall. Pete left the kitchen and Jenny continued to watch Patrick. Pete came back in with his hand over the receiver and his mouth open.
"It's Christina." He whispered, opening the back door.
"Patrick! Phone for you." Pete said, showing him the phone when he looked up. Patrick pulled himself up and traipsed to the kitchen, taking the phone from Pete and turning away.
"Patrick, it's Christina."
"Oh, hey." Patrick said. "Are you OK? Is everything all right?"
"Yeah, everything's fine."
"That's good." Patrick said quietly, shuffling his feet as he wondered whether to strike up a conversation. There was an awkward silence on the phone that Patrick had to avoid.
"So, uh, why did you call?"
"Oh, right, sorry. Well, I just wanted to tell you that I'm going to the Doctor's today, and... well, you're welcome to come if you want."
"It's about the baby, right?"
"Yeah, it is."
Patrick paused, thinking about last night. He could feel Pete and Jenny's eyes on him, and was aware of the silence filling the room asides from him talking on the phone.
"OK, I'll be there."
"Great. Meet outside the hospital at 3 pm, OK?"
Patrick hung up the phone and took a deep breath. He turned round and as he did Jenny and Pete hastily tried to busy themselves, Pete looked in the fridge for something he didn't want and Jenny pretended to do the dishes that were left over from last night. He suddenly felt nervous and regretted agreeing to see her. He hadn't seen her since the embarrassing night he had proposed, and wiped away every piece of self respect and confidence in himself. He and Christina had called each other, as much as it hurt him to hear her voice and know her new boyfriend was somewhere in her apartment, or paying for the cost of the call, he had done it because Christina deserved it. And Patrick couldn't bring himself to ignore her or forget her, as much as he tried, it just didn't happen.
"Who was that?" Jenny asked from the sink.
"Like Pete never told you." Patrick said, with a smile.
"What did she say?" Pete asked, hopping up onto the counter next to Jenny and playing with her hair.
"She said she's going to the Hospital today and I was welcome to go."
"What's wrong? Is the baby OK?" Pete asked, a worried look on his face. Patrick glanced at Jenny and she gave a very slight shake of her head to assure him she hadn't told Pete about the conversation the night before. Upon seeing this, Patrick looked back at Pete.
"It's fine. It's just a check up."
"So are you gonna go?" Jenny asked him. Patrick nodded.
"Yeah, I'm gonna go." Patrick said, walking into the hall to replace the phone.
"You sure you'll be OK?"
"I'll be fine." Patrick called in reply. "Seriously."

Patrick was sitting on a bench outside the hospital, his head down to avoid people looking at him. He had hardly slept last night and it was a struggle for him to stay awake, despite sitting out in the rain.
"Patrick?" A voice sounded in front of him as his head lolled. His head shot up at the sound of his name.
"Hey, wow." He exclaimed, standing up. "Look at you. You're big."
"Yeah, that usually happens when you're pregnant." She replied.
"I wouldn't know." Patrick said with a grin.
"So, shall we do this?" Christina asked, nodding towards the door.
"Sure, sure." Patrick said, standing back as she walked past him. He followed her, mentally starting conversations in his head with her but then deciding against them. They entered an elevator, Patrick looking around warily. He wasn't fond of hospitals, he hated the smell and the way everyone shuffled around with their heads down and hushed voices. He understood why they acted like that, but it made him more uncomfortable than when he was doing a photo shoot.
"So, Christina, I was thinking. I've been home for like a month, 'cause we're 'recharging' and stuff. So..."
"Patrick, don't. Please."
"What? If we were together then I would be around you guys twenty four seven." Patrick replied.
"Stop it." Christina snapped, and Patrick stared at the buttons in the lift, glaring at them as they ascended each floor. When they opened on the 15th floor, Christina strode ahead of him, leaving him no choice but to try and catch up with her. He decided he hated the Maternity Floor more than he hated the downstairs lobby. It was full of happy couples who were about to have their own kids, or staring adoringly through glass windows at their children sleeping silently. Patrick swallowed and concentrated on where Christina was going. He would have given anything to be one of the couples surrounding him.
"What room is it?" He asked, a desperate attempt to see if Christina was mad at him or not.
"This one, otherwise I would have walked straight past it." She hissed back. Patrick raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes as he scanned the posters on the wall. The door opened suddenly and a female in a white coat smiled at them.
"Christina Johns? We're ready now." She said, leaving the door open for them.
"We?" Patrick whispered. Christina ignored him and entered the room, leaving Patrick to follow.
"OK, Christina, my name's Doctor Williams. Now, if you'd like to hop up onto the chair, we'll get started." The woman said. Christina obliged and lay back as the Doctor pulled a small screen toward them both and began to spread the gel over her stomach. Within five minutes, there was a faint picture on the screen and a strong heartbeat sounding from the monitor.
"Now, that noise is the heartbeat, obviously, which is very strong and sounding perfectly healthy. And this," she pointed to a portion of the screen, "is your baby's head, and here you can see it's features developing."
"That's amazing, isn't it?" Christina asked Patrick, as he took her hand gently and squeezed it, a smile spreading over his face.
"Wow." Patrick said, overcome with awe as he stared at the screen.
She turned to Patrick. "Am I right in assuming you're the father?"
"I'm not sure, actually." Patrick replied, smoothly. The Doctor looked confused for a second, before glancing at Christina who was wearing a thunderous look on her face. Not a good sign on a hormonal pregnant women's face.
"I'm sorry, I don't understand."
"Oh, see, I'm a musician, so I work away a lot. And Christina here, had a little fling with her new boyfriend while we were together. So it's a mystery, really. And we're not going to know until a DNA test's been performed." He said, but was cut off by the Doctor turning around at another noise coming from the monitor.
"What?" Christina asked, looking even more worried than before.
"Um, I don't know how I missed this, but, I'm certain there's two heartbeats here."

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