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I Know We Could Be So Happy Baby (If We Wanted To Be)

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Ah, confessions, decisions and mashed potatoes?

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Here it is, I couldn't keep you guys waiting. =]

"What?" Patrick almost yelled, he dropped Christina's hand as if it was red hot and put his face closer to the screen to see, but he found it impossible to distinguish the so called 'features' the Doctor had informed them of.
"Congratulations, you're having twins." The Doctor said with a laugh. Christina looked horrified, and Patrick was just plain shocked.
"Oh, great, twins." He said, straightening up. He folded his arms and faked a look of puzzlement.
"Oh, you know, actually, this is quite good. 'Cause then maybe one will be mine and the other will be your new boyfriend's."
"His name is Danny!" Christina spat, yet trying to remain calm and not feel embarrassed as the Doctor busied herself. Patrick feigned to look shocked.
"Oh, OK, I suddenly like him now knowing his name!"
"Patrick, can we talk about this later?" Christina hissed out the side of her mouth. He shrugged.
"Would you two like a copy of the scan?"
Christina nodded.
"Yes, please."
"Better make three copies." Patrick muttered, not chancing looking Christina in the eye. He could almost feel his skin burning under her gaze.
"OK, what the hell was that?" Christina burst out in the elevator. Good thing they were alone.
"Oh, admit it. You were sleeping with that Danny guy when we were together." Patrick replied, keeping to his rule of not shouting back, despite how angry and upset he was.
"I was not! I can't believe you would say that to me."
"Well, whatever. We'll just have to wait and see when those kids are born." Patrick said cooly, as the elevator doors opened.
"My children are not having a DNA test." Christina said when they stepped out.
"Oh, your children? I guess they're not mine then, right?"
"Of course they are!" She said desperately, following his stride. Patrick stopped suddenly when they were outside.
"Then you have nothing to hide. Let them have the DNA test if they're mine."
"But then there's no point! If we both know they're yours then it's a waste of time."
"That's not true. See, I don't know if they're mine. Because you won't tell me whether you slept with him or not."
When he got no reply and no eye contact, he took her arm and sat her on the bench, leaning down in front of her. He looked at the ground as he spoke.
"Look, Christina. Just tell me. We're not together now anyway so it's not like we'll break up over it. You're with him now, so you may as well tell me."
He waited for her answer, certain she was going to spin him a story and deny it. But she looked up, tears filling her eyes, and whispered;
Patrick's heart sank. He had known it all along. Even when they were together he had paranoid moments where he was sure she would find someone better than him. And she had.
"All right." Patrick replied, a lump in his throat. He looked up at her when he heard her speak again.
"I told him it was his." She whispered shamefully. Patrick froze. How could she do that? Lie to two guys promising them they were going to be fathers?
"So how's that gonna work if he still thinks he's the father and I actually am? Why am I the one that's getting the burden here?"
"Well, if you are the father then I'll tell him."
"What, just like you told me I was even though there's a fifty fifty chance I'm not?"
"Stop it, Patrick, please. I got really scared, and I didn't know what to do."
"So what'll he do if he's not the father? Will he still be with you or what?"
"I don't think so. He was very pushy asking if you were the father or not. And I got scared and told him he was. Just so he wouldn't get mad."
Patrick stared at her. She was crazy. Why was she with a guy that would make her scared of him getting mad at her? Patrick never got angry with Christina, until now. He got annoyed, sure, but he talked it out with her and they worked it out.
"He doesn't hit you or anything, does he?"
"No! He just has anger issues. Sometimes. He's really sweet, really."
Patrick held up his hands.
"I don't wanna know if he's sweet or not."
"I'm still gonna be there. As far as I'm concerned, they're still my children until we know for sure."
Christina nodded.
"And if they are mine," Patrick added, his father's instinct hitting him hard, "I don't want them living with a guy who has anger issues. All right?"
Christina opened her mouth to argue, but for once thought about Patrick. He was going to be the one who missed out putting them to bed at night, or feeding them.
"Right." Patrick said, taking her hand. "Don't worry Christina, we'll get through it. I'll be here no matter what."
"Thank you."
"OK, daddy's gotta go." Patrick said with a grin, putting the conversation behind him as though her secret hadn't been admitted. "Bye kid... kid/s/."

"It looks like a plate of mashed potato." Joe said, craning his neck and looking at it from all angles. Andy nodded while trying to distinguish it too.
"Yeah, or milk that's been spilt on the floor." He replied. Pete laughed.
"Shut up you guys. Patrick, I think it's amazing." He said, putting his arm round him and copying the others, moving his head at a 90 degree angle to see the picture Patrick was holding.
"Oh, I know what it is! It's like an ocean and that dinosaur, what's it called? Yoshi is swimming in it."
Patrick moved away from Pete, causing him to stumble from the lack of physical support from Patrick's shoulder.
"Shut up." Patrick said with a grin.
"Aww, look how happy he is." Pete said, pretending to wipe his eyes. Andy and Joe stood up too and stood by him, pretending to look emotional.
"I know, I haven't seen him this happy since he got his newest guitar." Andy replied.
"Your other babies." Joe said shaking his head, then gasping as he pointed at Patrick. "You're going to forget your other babies! Your guitars! What about the guitars?" He wailed dramatically. He looked up and there was a silence in the room, everybody staring at him.
"Shut up." Andy said, at the same time Pete pushed him and sighed "Yeah, Joe, too far."
Patrick rolled his eyes but couldn't wipe the smile off his face. The front door opened and Pete jumped around.
"Jenny! Jenny! Look, look, Patrick's having two babies!" He yelled as she came into the room.
"Really? You're not showing much." Jenny teased, walking over to Patrick. He laughed and handed her the photo.
"Oh, wow." Jenny said, taken aback. "That's.. amazing. I'm so happy for you, Patrick." She leant over and gave him a hug, and continued to scan the photo, shaking her head in disbelief.
"Well that's cheered you up no end." Pete said, "I say we go and celebrate incase Patrick gets depressed by tomorrow."
There was a series of nods and murmurs of agreement and Joe and Andy bounded off to get their coats, while Pete went to check Hemingway had enough food. Jenny and Patrick were the only ones left in the living room.
"So, two babies, huh?" Jenny asked with a grin, which Patrick returned.
"Yeah. And I know I said last night I was afraid about whether it.. they were mine or not, but seeing this today," he gestured to the picture Jenny still had in her hand, "It just made me forget it all. I'm gonna give it a shot. My best one."
"But Patrick, if it's not your baby, sorry, if they're not your babies, don't they deserve to know who their real father is?"
"Yeah," Patrick said, nodding. "But until they're born, who's to tell? I guess I'll just have to wait."
"That's all very well, but what happens if you attach yourself to these babies, and then they're born and they're not yours? How will you cope with the rejection and the love you build up these next few months?"
"Hey, I've been hurt before. I can handle it." Patrick said, confidently, but was silently defeated at Jenny voicing the question he had just thought of. Jenny nodded and sighed.
"All right. Well then, we're here for you and I'm so happy for you."
"There's just one thing." He said, as she began to walk to the door.
"Christina told Danny it was his baby. Or babies. Man, I'm gonna have to get used to saying that." He laughed, but looked serious again. "And if it turns out to be mine, she said he probably wouldn't take it well. Despite the fact he was sleeping with my girlfriend when I was too."
"Oh." Jenny said. "So what're you gonna do?"
"Me?" Patrick asked. He held up his fingers, which were crossed. "I'm just praying with all my might it... they're mine."

By the way, there was no pun intended in the first line of this chapter. 'Drop it like it's hawwwwt'. Or the line 'wipe the smile off his face'. I couldn't help it. Yeah, I laughed but maybe you didn't. Haha. OK lots more being written as I type! Call me butter 'cause I'm on a roll baby! Thank you for the reviews, they really keep me going.
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