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"Look, guys are you sure about this?" I asked. If only you could see what they had me wearing.

I had on a red low cut top on the words scarlet woman spring to mind, the hoodie was on over it zipped down low enough so the top could be seen. I had on a pair of baggy jeans and red ballet pumps. Tiffany and Sarah said I looked nice, I said I looked like a sunburned elephant.

I am a size 12 you see (a size 10 in America. Yeah I learned US sizes I am going to meet an American after all), and I have never been 100% confident with how I look. Tiffany and Sarah however said I look fabulous. They know more about this so I am forced to agree.

I had to get a move on and quick otherwise I was going to be late. It was 2:45 already. I tried to usher Sarah and Tiffany out of the house but they were having none of it.

"We wanna stay here and wait for you." Sarah said.

"Yeah, we want fresh details," My mother said. Did I not mention? My mother was the one who picked out the low cut top. "Do you want me to drive you?"

"No thanks mum. As cool as you are being dropped off by your mother isn't cool." I said. /If only I hadn't failed my driving test...three times/.

"Have fun honey!" Tiffany shouted as I walked out of the door.

I wasn't expecting to be as late as I was, you see what happened was I realised I had forgotten my glasses. I rushed home to get them and then realised how nerdy I looked in them. I spent 20 minutes looking before finding my contacts in their tub thing under my bed how'd they get there?

I was late to the Starbucks which was just around the corner from my house, feeling like an idiot for being late and sensing that he had left, (probably thinking I had stood him up) I pushed the door open, got my bag stuck on the handle which opened spilling its contents. Thank God he had left without me. No he hadn't.

Yes he witnessed the scene.

I hastily shoved my purse into my bag and dragged him out of the Starbucks my face burning red. I immediately remembered the phone call earlier that day and a new feeling of embarrassment washed over me making me let go of him.

I guess I wouldn't have that much of a problem being your sex toy

Yes I had said that, how embarrassing. Note to self: never say anything over the phone that you wouldn't say in real life.

"Sorry I'm late." I began to rush all of my words, "Its weird that I was late when I only life around the corner."

"I could have just picked you up." He said unlocking his car.

"Is this your car?" I asked.

"No. It's rented." He said, "I can't stand public transport."

Me neither. But I guess it's because those demon buses and tormenting trains have a habit of making me late. The joys of being a disorganised 18 year old.

"I already bought all the stuff so lets go have some fun." That sounded wrong. "In the kitchen I mean not the..."

"Bedroom?" He said "Yeah, I'm aware."

We drove to his hotel and went up to his room. I was too scared to say anything incase it came out wrong. I had noticed something weird about him. Although some of the things he said sounded cocky his heart was never really in it. It was almost as if he was putting on an act. Pretending to be braver than he was.

When we got to his room he told me I could take off my shoes. That would present a problem, because of the style of the shoes I had on I wasn't wearing socks and lets just say my feet aren't the prettiest and daintiest.

"No thanks." I said abruptly.

"Okay let's get started." I clapped my hands like a 7 year old's teacher, cringing inwardly.

Twenty minutes later we were up to our ears in mess. It hadn't gone that bad. That was until I had decided to grate the cheese.

The cheese grater and I are arch enemies you see but I forgot this fact because I was on a Ryan high as it has now been christened by my mother. I was too busy staring at him I didn't realise the cheese had finished, until I grated my finger.

"Owowowowowow!" I shouted rather childishly.

"Whats wrong?" He asked, before noticing my finger. "Here" He grabbed my finger and ran it under the tap massaging my hand. My breath caught in my throat he was really good with his hands.

"Better?" He asked. I suddenly had a fresh bout of confidence.

"I have a boo boo." I said pouting for the full effect. I never expected what happened next to happen. He raised my finger to his lips and kissed it better. My eyes widened with shock and disbelief, which caused my stupid contact lens to fall out.

"Shit." I muttered. He looked at me like I had sprouted two heads. That was entirely possible as the head I was certain I had was all over the place.

"Dropped my contact." I explained before I kneeled down to get it. He kneeled down with me. It was difficult for me to search because I was practically half blind in one eye. He managed to find it though.

"Here." He said. "Got any contact solution?" He asked.

"In my bag." I muttered. I was even too scared to breathe.

He got up and cleaned the contact. After he had finished he beckoned me over.

"Hold still." He said as he picked up the lens. He gently put the lens in my eye and told me to blink. It was in and it was safe.

"Thank you." I said.

"You have got to stop thanking me with words." He replied. He titled my head up by placing a finger on my chin. I knew what was coming next but with my luck I was probably dreaming.

Well I wasn't because he kissed me. It was nothing like the dream I had. He was about a million times better than that. He wasn't gentle at all. Or rough in fact just passionate. Incredibly passionate. As we pulled away I felt so confused that I wanted to cry.

I stared into his eyes and touched the place where he had kissed me. I couldn't do this. He was only going to be here for five more months. I know full well if I spend five months with him I'd get so caught up that I wouldn't be able to let him go.

"Sorry." I mumbled before running out of the hotel I couldn't hold it in anymore, as the elevator closed on me I let it all out. All the tears and the sobs echoed across the elevator walls. With very little warning the doors opened and I stepped out to be faced by Ryan. He looked out of breath like he had run down here. but he was all the way on the 11th floor. He must have really wanted to get down here.

I tried to walk passed him but he stopped me.

"Just hear me out." He said. I knew what was coming; he was going to say that he had a girlfriend back home or something along those lines.

"I'm could say I'm sorry about what happened upstairs," He started. "But then I'd be lying. Id also be lying if I said that I could promise something similar wouldn't happen again. I've only spoken to you twice and I don't know you well but... I want to get to know you better. Which would be very difficult if you just walk out of my life."

I froze. I realised that was what I would have done, walked right out of his life. But I couldn't. Not now and hopefully not ever.

"Can you honestly look me in the eye and say you didn't feel...I" He asked me.

"Feel what?"

"This is gonna sound so cheesy" he muttered. "That spark?"

"Huh?" I asked I hadn't felt a spark. A full on fireworks display going on in my head was more like it.

He pulled me towards him and kissed me again. It felt like it lasted hours (I wish) but was probably only five seconds. He pulled away from me and rested his forehead on mine.

"Tell me you felt that." He said sounding out of breath.

"I did." I replied. As for him leaving in five months? We'll deal with that problem when we come to it. I want to spend time getting to know him. My baby faced, brown eyed boy. I love the way that sounds.

I just finished writing the whole story and I really like it (even if I do say so myself) so if you want an update all you have to do is ask via reviews :D
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