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Waking Up and Smelling The

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Sequel to "For Better or for Worse". Ever since the incident, Archie and Atlanta have gotten closer, much closer, more than just friends. Now they're dating. Until something terrible happens, y...

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Archie and Atlanta have been dating for almost two months now and they couldn't be happier. Last night they watched a movie in Archie's room and they both fell asleep on Archie's bed. Atlanta woke up. She just loved cuddlig with Archie like that. She quietly and carefully got up and stretched, trying not to wake Archie. She went to her room. Got changed into her jogging outfit, and got her MP3 player and when out the door. She didn't need to tell everybody where she was going, they already knew by what she was wearing.

"Ya know, I was gonn ask Atlanta if she wanted to go shopping, and I checked her room and she wasn't in there AND they said they wanted some alone time together last night." Theresea just had a thougt. "You don't think..."

"No they couldn't." Jay was worried too.

Not long after Atlanta left, Archie woke up. He did the same got up, stretched, and went downstairs.

"Hey, wheres Atlanta?"

"Run." Herry said with a mouthful of pancakes.

Archie nodded and went to his room, got changed into his jogging outfit and left too. He thought she might need some company.


Archie ran all over the park looking for her. He finally found her, with some other guy? That didn't make sense. He was her boyfriend wasn't he? Then he realized she wasn't flirting with him, she was arguing wit him.

"I told you Mark, its not gonna happen!" She yelled at him.

She yelled at a dark brown haired guy that looked a little bit like Neil. He had a navy blue jacket with a red shirt underneath with tan colored pants. He had ocean blue eyes and shoes that looked like Jay's.

"Ya know what Atlanta, I like your sarcasm and all, but sometimes you use it a littel too much, so are you gonna answer my question or not?" He was getting a little annoyed.

"NO!" Atlanta was getting mad and annoyed also.

Then Archie came to her and put his arms around her. "Hey! What are you doing to my girlfriend?!" He asked, using a protective tone.

"Oh, Archie thank goodness you're here. HE was hitting on me!" She told him, going closer to him.

"Back off purple hair dude. Shes mine!" Mark yelled at him.

"She is not shes mine!" Archie snapped back.

"Why are you even here, I dumped you remember?" Atlanta asked Mark.

"I know, but I also know that I could hear sarcasm in your voice so you were kidding." He accidentaly yelled at her.

The anger in his voice startled her. Archie could feel this and he pulled her closer.

"Look dude, why don't you hit on some other girl, this ones taken!" Archie said.

"So, your names Archie eh?" Archie could tell he was a Canadian he had that 'eh?' thing that Atlanta says sometimes.

"Ya and you're..." He asked, waiting for an answer.

Atlanta sighed, still in Archie's arms, and thought she should introduce him herself.

"Archie, this is my OLD boyfriend Mark. I dumped him a few days before the 'accident' happened." Archie knew what the 'accident' was. It was the whole prophecy, chosen one, thing.

"Look Mark, why don't you just buzz off and leave her alone. If she dumped you, she dumped you and if she taken, shes taken! So beat it!"

Mark couldn't think of anything to say so he just walked off.

"Thanks Arch. I hate it when he does that, he always thinks I 'm kidding whenever I dump him." Atlanta was really ticked off by that.

Archie turned Atlanta around and gave her a soft, quick kiss on her lips. "Don't worry, I'm here, and I will make sure he gets the picture." Archie smiled. Atlanta smiled too and gave him another kiss. Archie smiled and pur his hand in her's, and they walked around in the park, looking for any signs of Mark.


When they both got back to the brownstone, they immediately fell on the couch.

"Is it just me, or was that the worst jog we've ever been on?" Atlanta asked Archie.

"It was the worst jog we've ever been on." He replied.

"Why? What happened?" Odie asked pausing is virtual video game.

Atlanta and Archie told the whole Mark thing.

"I'm going up to my room." Atlanta said.

"Why?" Archie asked, wanting to go with her.

"Dunno, just want to relax, lay down or somethin'."

"I'll come with you." Archie wanted to stay with her al day because of the incident at the park. He thought that after she met him again, she would be kinda scared. Thinking that he would pop up from a corneror something and start hitting on her again and bugging her.

When they got up to her room, they ended up doing a heavy make-out session, with Archie's body lightly on top of her's. This was a good thing, not just because they loved doing make-out sessions, but because if Mark just suddenly pop out of her closet (thats not gonna happen, promise) he would see them making out and he would know now that its all true. Atlanta then heard a knock on her door, they suddenly stopped and faced the door and let go of each other. Archie got off of Atlanta and put on his hoodie back on (Archie took it off for no particular reason). But before he left he pulled Atlanta into another soft, tender, long kiss. Then the door knocked again and Archie pulled away.

Atlanta opened her door, and Theresea was standing there and said, "Someones here to see you."

'Oh crap please no!' She prayed in her head hoping it wasn't him. She hated that name as much as Archie did.

Atlanta walked slowly down the stairs, grabbing Archie's hand, taking him with her. He knew why. When Atlanta was at the bottom of the stairs, he was standing in the doorway. He still thought she was his girlfriend, and he still treated her like one.

"Atlanta! Hey baby!"

"I told you Mark, I dumped you!"

"Mm hm whatever." He was about to walk over and kiss her when Archie jumped in front of Atlanta, telling him to back off. "Move it purple head, I have a girl to kiss."

"Ya, a girl outside where you should be right now!"

"Whats up with you purple head? Sounds to me like you have a problem with out relationship."

"My names Archie, and sounds to me like YOU have a problem with OUR relationship." He snapped.

"Oh yeah, if you two are really dating kiss each other, I dare you!"

And they did it with ease. No nervousness, no questions, no distractions, nothing. They just leaned in on each other and kissed.

"That doesn't prove anything. Besides I'm pretty sure you kissed her and she didn't kiss you back, but then again who would?" But then Mark saw some thing he couldn't believe.

Atlanta pulled Archie and SHE kissed HIM. Again they did it with absolute ease. No nervousness, no distractions, no questions, nothing. And right when her lips touched his, Archie kissed her back.

"There. Now do you get the picture? We. Are. Dating. I. Dumped. You." She said slowly.

He didn't say anything, he just snarled and walked out and slammed the door. Atlanta smiled and took Archie's hand and dragged him upstairs, leading him to her room.

"Where are we going?"

"We have a make-out session to finish." She smiled as she closed her door.

"Those two are unbelievable. I mean they will do anything to prove that they're dating." Neil smirked.


Chapter 1 finally! I hope you enjoy it so far and the other one. R&R!!

~ Draykor ~
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