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Chapter 9 (Part 2)

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Food and walks

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"Fine I'll go," said Pete "but under one condition. I get to choose the movie." Oh God, he's gonna get food, alone. I don't even allow him to go grocery shopping for us.

"I'm going too."

"What you don't trust me?"

"Not since you decided to buy and grill meat at my friend's vegetarian party." He said something about that being two years ago when it was really two weeks ago.


We walked outside forgetting we never came in a car, which was ok I love walking with Pete. It wasn't too far along whe I heard footsteps behind us. But no one was there when I turned around.

"Baby what's wrong?"

"What?" I didn't think he noticed me looking back. "Oh I heard something that's all."

"I'll protect you" He walked behind me putting his hand on my waist pulling me in close.

Pete's Point of View

I think Marie has a righ to be scared. Ever since we've started getting closer to Panic! I've been getting these weird vibes that somethings up.

In my arms I felt Marie loosen up. I'm glad one of us feels better. I don't know what would happen if I didn't have her or vice versa.

There was sounds coming from behind us and someone threw a rock at my head. They must be trying to knock me out because when I felt my head there was a gash. Two guys grabbed Marie from my arms, carrying her towards a car. I wouldn't let them do that. They can't take the only girl I've ever loved away from me.

I lounged myself toward the nearest person, throwing punches in every direction I could. He hit me in my stomach making me gasp out for air. I was down on the ground crying for the safty of Marie, wishing they'd take me and not her. I got back up and since I apparently didn't learn my lession both guys attacked me. The bigger guy kicked me in my stomach repeatedly until I started to cough up blood and felt one of my ribs break. My vision was getting blurry all sounds were far away. But not before I heard them say "no one was supposed to get hurt." and everything went black.
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