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Chapter 10

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Phone calls and waiting

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"Oh God!" I cried leaning over Pete's body. It lay there helplessy, his breathing shallow. I grabbed my cell from my pocket, I should have done that earlier but fear really does freeze you in place, and quickly punched 911 messing up a few times because my body was shakey. The ambience came 10 minutes after I called. I rode in the van as they whisked us to the hospital, holding his cold and now blue hand.

Lost sight of him after we got to the hospital. It's not like I didn't want to be with him, they just wouldn't let me. I should call everyone they have a right to know what happened.

"Joe, something happened to Pete!"

"What he forgot what to get, I told him popcorn."

"No, Joe we were attacked. They was going for me but Pete intervined and saved me, risking his own in the process. He's in the hospital."
"We'll there in a second Marie."


The gang was there in less than 15 minutes. Ryan was holding me in his arms conforting me.

Andy, Pete, Patrick, and Joe were all trying to stop their tears from falling but it was no use.

Spencer and Jon became imensly quiet not looking at anyone.

Brandon and Taylor were crying hystericaly, holding each other like they'll never let go,

And Brendon, he had no emotion on his face, at least none that I can tell I was never good at that anyway. He just stared off at a wall now looking at anyone walking by.

After hours of pure torture a doctor came out. "Mrs. Kingston-"

"We're not married" I interrupted.

"I apoligize. Ms. Sanchez I'm sorry to report to you that he didn't pull through." Tears came running down faster than they were before and I held on to Ryan even tighter.

"Shh, it'll be ok Marie. As long as you've got me here it'll be ok" Ryan whispered.
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