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Well the gang learns more about their mission and start packing for their trip the the glass house.

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Put the dog leash down Tender-Foot it's me. - Atlanta


"Killed? Every one of us?" Atlanta asked gripping Archie's hand, scared that that might happen. A little frightened himself, Archie held Atlanta's hand as well, hoping that he wouldn't have to lose her.

"I'm afraid so. So when you get there, don't go in the basement and stay together or you may be killed." Hera said. "I want you kids to get lots of sleep tonight and pack quickly, the portal will be ready at 9:00 in the morning."

"So let me get this straight." Archie said, a little confused on what they had to do. "Our mission is to stop Hecate and Cronus from setting these ghosts free and try to get book of The Black Zodiac?"

"Exactly. Be on your guard no matter what and be extra careful."

"We will." The gang said miserably.

"But, if we can't touch Ariel because she' not in a room or something, how can we know if a ghost is around us or not?" Theresa asked.

"Don't worry. Hermes and Ares will provide devices for that." Hera said.

"That's a relief." Jay sighed.

"No need." Ariel said.

Ariel's comment surprised everyone and they all turned to her in confusion. "What do you mean 'no need'. Do you have stuff for us?" Odie asked.

"Mm hm. In my suitcase." Ariel said as she bent down to zip open her black and red suitcase's pocket at the front. She unzipped it and pulled out a box. "There's one for each of us. But don't lose them. They're very special." Ariel warned as she showed them these funky glasses that were see through, and not just he lense part the whole thing was clear.

"Ugh. Who had them last? You're grandma? They are so out of fashion. Don't you know black is the new black this time of year?" Neil complained.

"These are special glasses that no one should break. If you put them on, you'll see the ghosts that I can see if they're here. Go ahead try them on."

Everyone gave her a questioning look but didn't question her. They walked up to her and they each grabed a pair. Once they had the shades in their hands, they all put them on.

"I don't see any ghosts." Atlanta said, looking around.

"That's because they're not here. They're in the house remember?" Ariel said.

"Oh yeah." Atlanta laughed.

"Keep them no matter what happens if you're outside always wear them. Forget that people will be staring at you because they're probably the ugliest things they've ever seen, but pay no attention. It's for your own safety. And if you see any, contact one of us at once." Ariel explained.

"Why? I think we can take care of ourselves." Archie said, taking the glasses off and examining them.

"Because they can do so many things, but worst of all, they can kill you in so many ways. So if you see them, run away or call us." Ariel said.

"In case you haven't noticed, I never run away from a fight." Atlanta said, crossing her arms stubbornly.

"Oh but I'd run if I were you, you haven't seen them, you haven't seen what they can do. So I'd run away if you want to stay alive."

"Why? Have you seen what they can do?" Herry asked, finally leaving his gaze.

"I'd rather not say." Ariel said with a big of fear in her voice.

"Come on tell us. Pleeeeeease!" Atlanta begged.



"Mommy! Mommy! Can we o see the animals? Please! Please! Pleeeeeeeeeease!" A six-year old Ariella said, gripping her mom's hand with her tiny one.

"Alright. But only for a little while, Mommy has to take Daddy to his doctor's appointment." Her mom, Mary, said.

Mary led the tiny girl to the circus tents to look at the caged animals. They saw all sorts of animals,lions, tiger, monkeys, peacocks, birds of all sorts of colors. While they were walking past the animals, the lion suddenly roared loudly, which scared Ariel so much she screamed.

"Don't worry Ariel. He's locked up. He can't get us." Mary told her child.

"But what if it breaks free from the cage and comes and eats me?" Ariel asked, hiding or burying her face a few inches above her mother's knee.

"Don't worry. It won't eat you and if it did....................................we'd run and scream." Mary laughed. "Now come, let's get some more cotton candy before we leave."

But once they turned their back at the lion, Ariel wanted to look behind her shoulder to see it again and did so. But something strange happend, when she looked behind her shoulder, she saw a muscular, black guy holding a hammer with nails all over his body banging repeatedly against he cage, obviously trying to let the lion free. And with one last bang, a few of the cage bars broke and the lion squeazed it's body through the opening and jumped out.

"MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! The big cat is back! Mommy!!" Ariel screamed.

"Sh. Sh. Sh. Ariel don't be silly, there is no way the lion could....." Mary started until she looked behind her and saw the lion standing there, getting ready to pounce on his prey. "This can't be good."

"Mommy, it won't eat us will it?" Ariel asked as she saw the animal keepers, who work in the circus also, holding ropes, trying to contain the beast from catching its prey.

But the lion was too powerful and threw the catchers in all different directions, mad as ever.

"Don't worry Ariel. It's more scared of us than we are of him." Mary told her, trying to calm her down.

The lion growled as drool flowed from its wet mouth and let out its sharp claws.

"Mommy, I'm scared." Ariel said, burying her face into her leg some more. "Why aren't we running Mommy?" Ariel asked, as she looked up at her.

"Because if we run, it will give the lion more advantage of getting us." Mary said.

The catchers lifted themselves off the gorund and grabbed their ropes, trying to catch the lion again. They threw the long ropes and one caught its neck, one around his left forelimb and one around his middle. The catchers pulled and pulled, telling the beast to calm down and that everything was going to be okay.

The lion caught the message but didn't believe them and started wiggling free from the ropes.

"Now come Ariel. Let's get in the car before the lion breaks free again." Mary said, pushing her daughter's back towards the tent's enterance.

"But I want to see if it will break free again." Ariel whined.

"No. If we wait, it might break free again and they might not be able to catch him again." Mary explained.

Young Ariel looked behind again, and saw something she could not believe. She saw that muscular, nail guy again and he was hammering the back of the catcher's necks and taking the nails out of his body and stabbing the men with them. Once he was done, the lion got tired and wandered off somewhere.

The Hammer smiled once he saw what he had just accoplished. His smile grew any bigger once he saw the young Ariel look back at him. The Hammer took one of his nails out but disappeared as Ariel and her mother turn the corner of the tent's enterance and walked towards their car.

End of Flashback

"Wow. That must've been scary." Atlanta said, thinking of herself there, instead of Ariel. She shivered at the scary thought, especially at that age.

"Oh it was. So that's why you can NOT take these glasses off and stay together." Ariel warned once more. "Cause I am not saying it again."

"Man. I couldn't live with myself if I was there instead of you." Atlanta shivered.

"Don't worry." Archie smiled and put an arm around her shoulder. "If any ghost was to come and get you, they'd have to get through me first."

"Thanks but you know I can take care of myself." Atlanta smiled and kissed his cheek.

In response, Archie smiled.

"Are you love bugs done? Where is this house that we're staying in?" Odie asked, a little annoyed that Archie and Atlanta do something romanticy whenever they're having an important conversation.

"It's just in the parkway in Willow Grove. But I must warn you. If our PMRs aren't working and we need help, there isn't a neighbor for miles. Cronus and Hecate liked their privacy." Ariel explained.

"Well. Willow Grove here we come." Neil said excitedly.

"Now, when we get to the house. Don't go in the basement until we're all ready. Since that's where Hecate and Cronus are hiding them." Hera warned them.

"How many times do you guys have to warn us?" Herry asked.

"Alot. This is the most dangerous mission you kids will ever have. You may all be killed during this mission. Because we have no idea what these ghosts are really capable of." Hera told him.


"So when we get there. I want you all to separate yourselves into groups of two. Since there is an equal amount of people. And don't lose each other no matter what." Hera warned them again.

"Ya, ya! We get it. 'Stay together'! You don't have to tell us anymore." Neil complained.

"Those two words may be the words that will save your lives so I suggest you take that advice." Hera kinda yelled at him.

"Okay." Neil said quickly.

"As I was saying, you must do this mission carefully, but quickly. Because not even us gods know what could happen if Cronus set all the ghosts free. Chaos, murdur the worst. So do this mission as fast as you can, but also be as careful as you can. Because I do not want to tell you kids to be careful again." Hera continiued.

"Got it." Theresa smiled.

"Excellant. Now I want you all to start packing and get a good night's sleep. The plane leaves at 9:00 in the morning." Hera instructed.

"Yes ma'am." The gang said, as they walked out of the doorway.


When the gang was home, they immediately went to their rooms and started packing. And once they were done, they wen to bed and went to sleep, except Atlanta that is. She couldn't sleep. She was worried, and kind of scared. This is their most dangerous mission yet! What if she lost one of her friends? What if she lost Archie? No. She couldn't risk losing him! She was starting to think this was a bad idea. 'This has to be our most dangerous mission yet or maybe even our most dangerous mission we'll ever have! We might die from this assignment! I can't risk losing one of my friends and Archie. I don't know what I would do if I lost him.' She thought to herself.

She shook those thoughts off and got out of her bed and walked down the hall to Archie's room. Once she was in front of the door, she heard ruffling noises, he was probably still packing or was just rolling around on his bed. She peaked his door open a little, Archie probably not being able to see her. Archie shot his head up from his pillow and jumped up and pulled out his whip.

"I have a lethal weapon!" He said, still not being able to see who was in the doorway.

"Put the dog leash down Tender Foot it's me." Atlanta smiled, turning his light on.

"Aw man. I've alwasy wanted to use this thing on someone." Archie complained.

"Mm hm." Atlanta rolled her eyes and sat on his bed with him.

"Something wrong?" He asked her. He could tell something was troubling her by the look on her face.

"Well, kinda ya." She sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked. He pulled Atlanta onto his lap and laid his head on her shoulder while stroking her hair.

"About this mission thing. What if one of us dies during this mission? I can't live with myself if I lost one of the guys. And I literally couldn't live with myself if I lost you." She exclaimed as she closed her eyes and sighed, she could swear she could feel her eyes moistening up a little.

"Oh Lannie. I promise everything is going to be okay. If they want you, they're gonna have to get through me. Cause no one steals my girl and gets away with it."

Atlanta smiled and kissed his cheek. "You're sure about that?"

"Of course. I don't know what I would do if anything happened to you." Archie leaned in and planted a small, soft kiss on her lips. "Besides. I'll be your partner for this mission, since we have to be separated into groups. Even though I'm sure we would've been partners for any mission."

"Thanks Arch." She said, as she leaned up for another kiss, which, of course, turned out to be a little make out fest on his bed.

Archie rolled Atlanta under him so he was on top of her. He started placing kisses on her lips then moved down to her neck. Eventually, he rolled off of her and laid beside her and started kissing her neck again.

Atlanta yawned a little and turn to him slightly.

"Tired?" He asked and stopped kissing her neck.

"Mm. Ya a little." She answered and turned to him completely.

Archie smiled and pulled her closer to his body. And in response, she laid her head on his chest and fell asleep. Hoping that Archie would keep his promise.


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