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"Infidelity" now being served at your local Starbucks

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Starbucks anyone?

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Can we stop at Starbucks? Spencer whined to Jon. They were both in the front seat of the small rental car.
Fine but we cant stay long. Jon said pulling into the Starbucks parking lot.
Drea, are you coming? Ryan asked unbuckling his seatbelt.
No thanks, I'm comfortable right here. She said putting her head back lazily.
Want me to get you anything? He asked opening the door.
Um, a mocha latte would be great. She replied going into her pocket for her wallet. She liked to buy her own things.
No, he said taking her hand out of her pocket. I've got it. She smiled sweetly and whispered a thank you. He got out of the car and joined Spencer and Jon who were at the door. Brendon, who was sitting right next to Andrea, was the other only one left in the car. Revenge is sweet. Andrea thought smirking slightly. Brendon was looking out the window at some pigeons that were pecking at some crumbs on the cement. Nonchalantly Andrea placed her hand on Brendon's knee. His gaze shifted almost instantly to her hand. Confusion graced his features. Andrea hid her smirk as she started to move her hand slowly up and down his leg. Brendon bit his lip as her hand got dangerously close to ahem his package. He closed his eyes trying to concentrate. Unlucky for Brendon there was a long line in Starbucks and Spencer was determined to get some coffee. Andrea's hand stayed extremely close to Brendon's crotch making him extremely uncomfortable. She stopped rubbing and grasped his leg making him gasp. She began to massage his leg driving him insane. He couldn't take the torture any more. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her into a lying position in the back seat. He kissed her lips hungrily.
Brendon, She moaned as he started to nibble at her neck. What if they come back? What about Ryan?
Screw Ryan. He whispered harshly into her ear. But in the end he ended up sitting up. A few seconds later the guys were back with coffee. They all sipped in silence until they got to the mall. They walked in in a big group, but eventually they all split up. Ryan and Andrea were holding hands and going off on there own until: Hey Andy, may I join you two?
Andy? Both Andrea and Ryan asked. Brendon nodded smiling.
Sure, Andrea said not wanting to make Ryan mad. What are you doing? She whispered so quietly so she was sure only Brendon could hear.
Pay back is a btch isn't it?*
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