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Foodcourt Felony

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They go to the...mall

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Dear reader,
I would just like to thank prissynblack for reviewing (a lot) and mysteriouswonder_848 for also reviewing. Reviews help me survive! Do you want me to die? I don't think so. Owe! I sprained my ankle.
Ashes and my alter ego that helps me write this story: MV

Hey Andy! Brendon said happily as he sat down next to her in the mall food court. He had been acting weird ever since Starbucks. Ryan had left for the bathroom and Brendon thought it was time for a bit of pay back.
Brendon what the hell is your problem? She asked staring at him as he smirked.
I just thought that you might be lonely. Ryan has been gone for quite awhile. He got up and sat in the chair Ryan had previously been sitting in. Right next to Andrea. She took a long sip of her swamp water* as he leaned closer to her. He was so close she could smell his cologne and shampoo. He smelled good. She hated herself for thinking that. She put her cup down and looked at him.
I'm sure that is exactly why. She hissed.
Why are you being so hostile? He said acting like she had offended him. I just want you to like me.
Cut the crap Urie, you hate me as much as I hate you.
True. Brendon sat back in his chair staring at Andrea. She looked around his gaze making her uncomfortable.
Why are you staring at me? She asked wishing Ryan would come back.
Don't try to act all innocent, you know you could have any boy or girl you wanted. Just look at you, you're sexy. He whispered into her ear. And you picked Ryan, but now you want something else.
Let me guess, She said putting on a fake thinking face, you?
Bingo. He breathed in her ear. He licked the shell and blew into it. She shuttered involuntarily. But she was lucky this time because Brendon saw Ryan out of the corner of his eye talking to Jon. Brendon backed off and Andrea realized why he did. She started sucking at her drink trying to act like nothing had happened.
Ready to go babe? Ryan asked walking up to the table. She smiled and nodded. Andrea went to grab her purse. Some of the contents spilled when she picked it up. Brendon reached down to help her and picked up a condom. He held it up to her suggestively.
In your dreams. She hissed.
See you tonight then. He whispered back handing the item to her.

*Swamp water: Different sodas mixed together. In Andrea's case: Coke, Root Beer and Sprite. YUM! If you've never had it you should try it!
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