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Fansy Word Play Can Make You Look Stupid

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Title makes no sence to any one but me. But then again I'm not going to explain it.

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Dear reader,
I am sorry I haven't come out with one in a few days but I hurt my ankle and have been occupied with the pain.

They stumbled into the room limbs and tongues tangled.
Oh god, he moaned.
Ryan, She fallowed. She was wrong. Dead wrong. He pulled her head back by her hair and threw her on the bed.
Don't you ever call me that again! He yelled at her.
Sorry, but you know you should be him right now. She spoke the truth.
Shut up! He yelled attacking her lips with his and her body with his hands. Normally people would be afraid of angry Brendon, but Andrea. She liked it, found it hot.
Oh you know I'm right. She said aggravating him more. You know I should be in the next room fckng your best friend.
Shut the hell up! He almost screamed staring her in the eyes.
Getting a little worked up aren't we? She asked mockingly.
If you don't want to do this, then why are you here? He asked. Silence. A long silence. No noise no movement no nothing. Is Andy finally at a loss for words.
Shut the hell up. He smirked.
Now we're on the same page.
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