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In His Gallery

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It's Valentine's Day! The one time of year when the boys would go and ask out that special someone they like. After winning Theresa's heart, Jay encourages Archie to ask Atlanta out, but will the n...

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Heyy guys!! Stephanie here! As usual, being my lazy self, I haven't updated on anything yet. But this week, I'm going to be working on this story, so you guys are gonna have to wait for all the other ones. I hope you like this one! PLEASE rate and mostly, REVIEW!!

The Beginning

Yes, it was that time of year again. The time when all the boys would go and ask out that special someone they liked, without being scared of rejection. That time of year when the most flowers and chocolates were sold, when couples would kiss the most. Yup, it was Valentine's Day.

-" So Archie? Are you gonna ask Atlanta this year?" asked Herry as he was stuffing his mouth with the cafeteria food.

-" What?! I-I don't like Atlanta.." answered the warrior and started to blush.

-" Oh common dude! EVERYONE knows you like Theresa, even the band geeks over there!" said Neil and pointed to some nerds with spit on their mouths.

-" I do like like her.. but that doesn't mean she likes me back! And plus, she could reject me, which could affect our friendship!!"

-" Oh common Arch! I mean, I asked Theresa out last year, and she didn't reject me!" the leader was trying to help him out.

-" Yeah, but you guys are meant to be with each other!"

-" And so are you guys! I mean, you share the same interest, the same style! Why would she reject you?" Odie entered the conversation.

-" You know what, I guess you guys are right! I'm going to ask her to be my valentine!" said the warrior and stood up. The other boys just clapped and congratulated him. Archie was only worried if Atlanta wouldn't reject him...


-" So Atlanta? Are you gonna ask Archie this year?" asked Theresa as she and the other girls were sitting down on the other table beside the boys.

-" Archie? What makes you think I like Archie?" answered the red-head.

-" Oh common Atlanta! It's sooo obvious you like him!!"

-" Yeah I like him, as a friend. But not more! Sure he's nice, cute, hot, stubborn sometimes, arrogant, a nut head, hot-"

-" You said hot two times!" giggled Alice, one of the girls.

-" Oops.." said Atlanta and started to blush.

-" Oh common Atlanta! Admit you like him!" said Theresa.

-" Ok! Ok! I like-" started Atlanta but she was caught off when this muscular hot guy passed by her.
He had black hair in a Leonardo DiCaprio way, with a white muscle shirt and black jeans.
Atlanta couldn't take her eyes off him.

-"...I like that guy.." she sighed and continued staring at him. The guy walked their way and then sat down next to Atlanta.

-" Hi, may I sit here?" he asked in a beautiful manly voice.

-" Ofcourse.." answered Atlanta with a singing tone.

-" My name's Derek, Derek Smith."

-" I'm Atlanta....Atlanta, uh...Theron!" she was about to forget her last name.

-" Cool! So Atlanta... would you like to go out sometime? Like... at a movie or something?" he asked as he rubbed the back of his neck, just like Archie would do.

-" I-I'd love to!" she said, about to faint.

-" Great! So I'll pick you up at 7:00!" he said and walked away.

-" Atlanta? What was that all about?? What about Archie??" asked Theresa.

-" Who?"

-" Archie! The guys you like!"

-" Oh, him. Well... I do like him, but only as a friend! This guy is just so dreamy!!" said Atlanta and day dreamed.

-" I wonder what Archie would say when he finds out about this!" thought a worried Theresa.


-" Flowers?"

-" Check"

-" Chocolate?"

-" Check"

-" A four-way paneled mirror that you bought for Neil?"

-" What? Neil!"

-" Nah just joking with you" answered the blond boy as they were getting Archie ready to go ask Atlanta out.

-" Ok, so in my calculations, Atlanta should be going out of the gym in about 2 minutes!" said Odie as he typed furiously on his laptop.

-" Good luck dude!" encouraged Jay.

-" Thanks.." answered the purple haired boy and walked to the locker rooms.
He stopped for a minutes, thinking if he should turn around and change his mind.

He turned around and saw Jay doing a thumbs up at him. Archie smiled and decided to go for it.

He knocked on the door to the locker rooms, but no one answered. Wondering if something was wrong, he opened the door and walked inside.

-" Atlanta? I was wondering if-"

He stared with his eyes open and dropped the flowers and the chocolate...

Dum Dum Duuuuuuuum
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Will Archie ask Atlanta out?
Will Atlanta reject him??
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