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A Lucky Break

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Daisy is haunted by a face that she's never seen before by night, and by music that hits a little too close to home during the light of day.

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Daisy sat on her bed with her baby, also known as her Gibson Melody Maker, humming and plucking away. "OW!" she exclaims as the e string breaks and hits her hand. This is a freaking sign if ever there was one she thinks to herself, then proceeds to slowly and carefully put away Melody and go down stairs for breakfast.

"No sweetheart! It's final you are not going to go to New York City with your friends over Spring Break. I don't care if it's to 'check out NYU' it's not something that's going to happen. Even if we do only live in Erie. It's not going to happen. Now stop arguing and drink your juice, you'll have to leave for school soon, and you're not going until you have a good breakfast in you."

"Sorry guys it's a no go on the NYC thing. Mom went berserk at my suggesting it even," Daisy said with a leaden heart and voice full of regret to her best friends at her locker. "GOSH! Today is soooo supremely sucky. I really wanna go to NYC over break and I don't understand why Mom won't let me. She did this to me when the class was supposed to take a trip there too, and then we had chaperones! And to make matters worse Melody broke a string today!!!"
Knowing how infrequently they're dazed little girl got frustrated enough to show it like this Paige and Donegal exchanged concerned glances. "Honey, are you sure you're all right?" they queried in unison.
"Yeah Pygmy and Dongal I'm fine..."

The end of the day came around and the three pals piled into the '98 camaro that Daisy keeps in prime condition, a sort of memorandum. "Time to hit B's guys!!!" shouted Daisy obviously attempting to put on a bright look for her friends.
Quickly they reached the local musicians' hangout, and entered the not yet crowded place. Melody's necessary e string was hanging right where Daisy knew it would be, and she quickly reached up to snatch it as it was the last one there. While setting the guitar string down to purchase, Daisy noticed a flier under the glass of the counter. The words "Jacksonville Florida" quickly caught her attention. "GUYS GUYS COME HERE!" she exclaimed and quickly her two best friends came running from the café half of the building.
Immediately the friends realized what it was that was being pointed out, the flier. It was for a music competition, female competitors only, and in their junior year. The competition would not only get meetings with record labels arranged for the winner, but the winner would receive a large scholarship for Jacksonville University, one of the lead universities when it came to health care.
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