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The Battle to Travel

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I think the title's pretty self-explanatory don't you? by the way, COMMENT MY STORY IF YOU READ IT!!!! thank you. constructive criticism or adoration, nothing MEAN. hehe

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Excitedly, the trio goes running into La Casa de Daisy (A/N: did you know that daisy in spanish is marguerita? haha, just thought you'd like to know). "Mama! Mama! Mama!" they call out breathlessly.

"Yes dears?" asks the woman whom they are all calling out to, regardless of not being biological siblings.

"Look at this!" they say as they shove a copy of the flier under her nose. All of a sudden the three girls realize what it is they're doing. They're getting their hopes up for a trip to freaking FLORIDA, when Daisy's mom won't even allow her to go to NYC.

"Here, you hold on to it, let us know what you think later. We're gonna run upstairs and study. Thanks Mom!" Paige blurts.

The girls dash up the stairs weightlessly then collapse onto Daisy's bed discouragedly. "How stupid are we?" wonders Donegal aloud.

"I don't know guys, she didn't seem too set against it...."

"Daisy, are you living in your dream world again?" Paige teases.

"Shut up! ooooohhhhh! Guys Guys! Gimme Melody's string!" as soon as the string is in her hands, Daisy deftly replaces the old e string with the new. "Much better," floats from her lips as she takes Melody into her arms to play once again.

"Listen to this song you two," she says rather distractedly. Then she begins to sing, "Try as you might, I'm always gonna fight. Because you ain't gonna bring me downnn, no you ain't gonna bring me dow-own.."

As Melody and Daisy make music together, the perfect blend of guitar and vocals, Amanda (also known as Daisy's mom who the girls all refer to as some form of "mother") softly climbs the stairs. She listens in as the girls talk softly, yet listen admiringly to the sound of their friend, off in her own world.

Daisy soulfully sings until she trails off with "I don't know where to go" which was obviously not a part of this song. A song full of hope for the future, and resentment for oppressors, ended somewhat abruptly where Daisy had gotten stuck.

Amanda's head popped in going "I think it ends in Florida Daze."

"WHAT!?!" all three girls exclaim then rush Amanda giving her the hugest hug she has ever been given. After the euphoric moment the others realize the only catch in the plan, they have yet to ask their parents.

"And don't worry girls, you already have permission as well," says Amanda as if she'd been reading their minds. "I took the liberty of calling your parents."
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