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With Friends like These

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Jack finds Lee and something else

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-Lee tried not to stare at the man pacing back and forth but he was making Lee nervous. Two of the others were also leering at Lee. One was a scrawny looking girl with short blond hair that looked like it had never been washed and dark rings around her eyes as if she hadn't slept in weeks. And the other was a tall, skinny man who had a scary cold look in his eyes.
-There was also a rather large man standing with his arms crossed over his chest and his head down leaning against a tree. It seemed he didn't want to get involved in what was going on, or maybe he just didn't care.
-There was also a woman who appeared to be the oldest of the group. She had long wavy hair like Flora but it was a darker brown. She was the only one who didn't seem to be upset by his presence.
-"Can we eat him?" the blond girl asked. That question raised Lee's eyebrows. The girl was giving him a smile that sent chills up his spine and he thought she might actually be serious. Flora gave her a crossed glance.
-"No, you may not," flora answered. "He is my friend so no one gets to eat him." The blond girl seemed disappointed and Lee found that a very strange conversation to have. He was glad that the verdict was in his favor though.
-The man who had been pacing back and forth glared at Flora. Lee guessed that he was her father and the older looking woman was probably her mother. If that was the case the others were either siblings or cousins. Lee didn't understand why they wouldn't be happier to meet a guy who, according to Flora, had helped their daughter.
-"I decide what we do, not you," the father said through clenched teeth. Flora looked as if she were about to argue but the mother stepped in.
-"Vicious," she said addressing the father. "This young man helped Flora out of a jam, the least you can do is be polite. That goes for all of us." She said looking at the others. Lee was surprised to see the other three lower their heads. The woman seemed as gentle as Flora but apparently had a lot of authority within their little group.
-"Fine," Vicious said with a sigh of defeat. "He will stay with us for the night, we will treat his wound, but when he is healed he will leave." Vicious walked away, probably to blow off steam and Flora smiled at her mother.
-"Thanks mother," Flora said. Her mother smiled lovingly at her daughter.
-"Go with the others and get the herbs for your friend's wounds," the woman said. Flora nodded and ran off with the other three reluctantly fallowing. Lee walked up to the woman after they had left.
-"Thank you for your help," Lee said. "I don't know if Flora told you but my name is Lee." The woman looked at lee and smiled.
-"Hello Lee, I am Blaze," she said. "I helped you because you helped Flora and she seems to like you, but if you hurt her or endanger my family, I'll kill you before you can scream." Blaze didn't change her pleasant tone or smile even with the threat. She didn't glare and give any indication that she was upset. She simply walked after vicious with the smile on her face.
-"...I am just no good at making friends," Lee said to himself. He walked over and sat on a rock. Given his present company Lee thought it safer to sit alone. These people were definitely strange, granted he didn't spend that much time around other people but he knew that talking about eating people wasn't normal.
-Lee sighed; he didn't have much luck with people. Jericho wanted to kill him, Floras family wanted to eat him. The only person on his side seemed to be a strange young girl who seemed to think that he had saved her even though he hadn't. He should have been home sitting in his comfy chair in front of a warm fire. Instead he was sitting on a moss covered rock with a bullet wound wearing freezing clothes.
-As Lee sat there he had no idea that he was being watched through the scope of a hunting rifle. Jack had found Lee and had watched the commotion between him and his new friends. Jack didn't know who the others were but if Lee had told them about what had happened then he might have to kill them all. Jack didn't mind, he enjoyed hunting things.
-Jericho was a fruit cake but it was sure fun hunting with him. Jack had never seen anybody so hateful of an animal before in his life. The way Jericho butchered any wolf that crossed his path; often times when the wolf was trapped Jericho would beat the beast to death rather than waste the bullet on it. It was as if he had some personal grudge against them.
-Jericho didn't have a grudge against anything, he just enjoyed killing things. And right now he had his prey in his sights. All he had to do was pull the trigger and he would take Lee's life away. He took a deep breath and started to squeeze the trigger.
-Something moved to jack's left side. He turned his head and saw the head of the largest wolf he had ever seen. Its eyes were wide with rage and it was baring its teeth. The animal looked insane, like something he would see in a horror movie.
-Jack couldn't move, he couldn't even scream. All he could do was look in those ferocious eyes and at those huge teeth. He was so terrified he couldn't think. His mind couldn't accept what he was seeing. This thing couldn't be real; no wolf was that big or that frightening. Jack's last thought was of Jericho telling him that wolves were monsters. He had been right. Those teeth opened up and came down on him and then Jack screamed.
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