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The Enemy of My Enemy

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Lee gets shot and Jericho vows revenge

Category: Sci-Fi - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2005-12-11 - Updated: 2005-12-12 - 915 words

-Lee heard the scream just before he heard the shot. A split second later he felt the pain and grabbed at his left shoulder unsure as to what had happened. When he took his hand away he found it was covered in blood.
-Lee cried out for help and dropped to his knees trying to find cover from whoever had shot him. Before he could find a rock to hide behind the blond girl and the large guy were standing in front of him. They both looked ready for a fight but the girl looked like she was eager for one.
-Flora come over to Lee and looked at his shoulder, it was probably the first time he had seen a frightened look on her face. Blaze walked up confidently and looked down at Lee. She didn't look too concerned for him, but at least she wasn't smiling.
-"Flora put pressure on his wound and take him away," Blaze said. "Farrell, go keep an eye on them." The blond haired girl didn't look happy but she didn't argue. Flora helped Lee up and they walked away with Farrell fallowing behind.
-"Get down," Lee yelled as he was Flora pulled him away, "he's after me I don't want anyone else to get shot over this!" It might have been because he was wounded, but Flora was a lot stronger than he would have guessed.
-"They'll be fine," Farrell said with a wicked grin. "It's the shooter you should feel sorry for, but thanks for the concern."
-Farrell and Flora led Lee away from the others. Lee sat down on a rock while Flora tended to his wound; Farrell was less interested in Lee than she was in going back to the others. She kept looking back the way they came as if she were expecting pursuit.
-"Why was he aiming at you?" Farrell said once she was satisfied they weren't being fallowed. She walked over to Lee and looked down at him accusingly; as if it were his fault he had been shot.
-"Its Jericho," Lee said, his voice twisted in pain as Flora put some kind of moss into his wound. "He's a crazy farmer, I released a wolf from one of his traps and now he's gone off the deep end."
-Farrell shot Flora a confused look and Flora shrugged nervously. Farrell's confusion turned into a stern glair and she turned to stand guard while Flora finished patching up Lee's shoulder. The bullet had passed straight through so she wouldn't have to take it out and for that at least Lee was thankful.
-Lee finally looked down at his shoulder and saw a mixture of blood and moss covering the wound. Flora placed a large leaf over the bullet hole and it seemed to numb the pain. It was the second time Lee had been shot in one day and his body couldn't take much more abuse.
-Blaze and the others huddled together, Vicious was furious. He held out a blood covered ring that had been taken from Jack's dead hand. They all looked at it with familiarity.
-"I knew he would bring us trouble," Vicious said, "we should tear out his throat and be done with it." The other two males seemed to like the idea but Blaze was less anxious.
-"It seems that he is the one in trouble," she said, "that bullet hit him when he was alone, he was the target not us."
-"Why would his own kind want to kill him?" the large male asked.
-"Who knows, and who cares?" Vicious said, "If more hunters come for him while he is with us it will cause us trouble. We should get rid of him."
-"All I know," Blaze said calmly, "is that he helped our daughter, apparently at risk to his own life, and now he's in trouble because of that act. I also know that Flora likes him and that you have never been able to say no to her."
-Vicious looked away grumbling, he knew she was right. He looked around trying to think while the others waited for his decision. After a moment of distressed pacing he looked to the skinny male.
-"Ice, I want you to scout the area, Flora said there were two hunters after them. If the other is near by I don't want him leavening our territory. I only hope that that was the one who has been hunting our brethren"
-Ice nodded and swiftly left the others without a word. After he was out of sight Vicious looked at the large male. "Go check on the boy," Vicious said dismissively. The large male nodded and headed after where Flora had taken Lee. Now that they were alone Vicious looked to Blaze and shook his head. "That boy will be nothing but trouble."
-Jericho lowered his scope and quickly headed back the way he came. It was all making sense now, Lee was one of them, and he had been all along! He should have known when the boy had freed the beast. Now Jack was dead, killed by one of those monsters and he could be next.
-Jericho could not believe his luck, for years he had hunted these things and now, when he had been hunting something else he had stumbled into their domain. He would return here with the others who, like him, had dedicated their lives to eliminating these creatures. He would be back to avenge Jack's death.
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