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002--Pete Wentz

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I'm blacking out, but it's been fun

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I stood by the window, the world seem to whiz by in a whirlwind of colors and sounds, all except him. He stood perfect still, and from the garden he stared up at my window.

He could see right through me

Between my smiles and regrets. He knew everything, and he knew how to twist those things into my personal hell. If i could stay locked inside my mental prison, he could never hurt me again like he did before.

I closed my eyes and let the tears fall. When the door opened.


"Peter." i stated coldly. I have no intention on forgiving him.

"Look about the other day-"

"Don't start Pete"

"But i was drunk and i wasn't thinking straight-"

"You were drunk the other 6 times too! I'm not taking it anymore!"

"But Amiee I love you,"

"Pete, I can't love you" i whispered.

"Oh grow up Amiee, don't tell me you don't know"

"How could i have know you'd do it again after you promised?"

"Oh grow up Amiee, I've had enough of your ego."

"Why because I'm too good for you! It that what you think I'm about?"

"Oh grow up Amiee, Don't tell me what to do."

"Pete, why don't you just drop dead! Then we could both be together!" And i dropped the empty bottle of pills from my hand. "Oh Pete, I'm blacking out, but it's been fun" i mumbled, and fell to the floor.

I hope he knows that this is all his fault.

"No Amiee! No!" Pete cried picking up my dying body. "I love you please don't leave me. I am an alcoholic ass hole. I can change. I will change, just please come back to me"

My eyes fluttered open for my last goodbye. "P-Pete, no- no matter what i said, or did. I- I have always, and will always love you"

"Oh Amiee. I'm sorry"


Andy, Patrick and Joe walked in the next morning to find their two best friends dead on arrival, but they did not cry because after the longest time, /and they knew it/, they were truthful to each other.
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