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003-- Joe Trohman

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this is one of my favorites, its very sad though

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I spun around in a circle catching a snowflake on my tongue. I absolutely love the winter at night. It's so beautiful, I feel like all my troubles melt away. The winter lets all my memories of him to freeze away for the time being. That one dreadful Christmas, when he left. I hate to remember it; Christmas is the worst time of year. I refuse to celebrate it with the guys anymore; I know he will always be there. But somehow this winter I got sweet-talked into joining. I've spent all day outside by myself, I just love the snow, I could spend hours just taking in the beauty of it. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.

"Bea, we have to go in now"

"Oh Patrick 5 more minutes please." /I hate to spoil his good time./

"You're going to freeze to death out here." Maybe that would be a good thing.

"Alright I'm coming." I slowly started to walk inside.

"Uh Bea about him/..." Patrick never uses /his name around me.

"It's alright I can be civil."

"Yeah but his new girlfriend is here, I'm sorry Bea."

"Patrick, don't worry. I'm over him" I smiled and he gave me a small hug. Oh you are some actress Bea.

We walked into the house, and sure enough there he was with his new girlfriend and Andy and Pete. Everyone turned to look at me, I guess Patrick didn't inform them I was coming. Now that's one awkward silence.

"Oh hi Beatrice." He said, "Long time no see." Yes it's been 4 years 5 months and 6 days, not that anyone's counted. He wrapped his arm around her waist. "This is Julia."

I smiled. "Petey! Andykins!" I shouted giving them both hugs. "I've missed you both." I made sure to say both so he knows he's not included. Pete hugged me again and whispered in my ear.

"Forget about him Bea, don't cry yourself to sleep again." Pete has always cared about me; we are like brother and sister.

We spent the rest of the night reminising about old times, and what we used to promise each other would happen. All lies on his part. He said we'd be together forever, he said nothing would ever come between us. I stayed up all night waiting by the phone, and he never called. Then I find out through Patrick and Pete that they got on tour, how nice of my boyfriend to inform me. They came home every Christmas just to visit me, and then they would go back, and still he wouldn't even call me.

After a while his girlfriend went home so it left us five.

"Just like old times" he joked.

"Yeah one heck of a way to spend a Christmas Eve." Andy said.

"Oh I know lets play a game!" Pete said happily.

"What kind of game?" I questioned.

"Oh I know" He said, "What you want for Christmas!"

"What's that?" Patrick questioned.

"Duh you have to admit what you really want for Christmas." Andy said smacking the back of his head.

"Ok I'll go first." Pete said, "I want us to be like we used to. All of us." He said looking at me. "Ok Patrick, what do you want?"

"Uhm, I want Bea to be happy, for once" he said and smiled at me a sympathetic smile. "How about you Andy?"

"Well let's see, I want Bea to move back in with us and come on our next tour." I couldn't help but smile, they all care so much. I looked over at him and he didn't seem anywhere close to as happy as the rest of us.

"What about you Beatrice?" He asked me.

I looked around at all four guys, before turning to him and speaking. "All I want this year is for you to dedicate your last breath to me." I smiled at least now he knows, and I won't pain me as much.

"How about you?" Andy asked him.

He turned to me, "Bea?"


"Next year don't come home for Christmas, you're the last thing I want to see underneath the tree."

I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I took out the box from my purse. "I've had this for a while," I said "It was going to be my anniversary gift to you. I guess it's a little late. Merry Christmas" I placed the box on the table. He turned his back to me.

"I could care less."

He never opened the gift. Things might have been different if he did. Maybe if he knew just how much he means to me, it wouldn't have come to this. Once everyone had fallen asleep, I took off my necklace that I always wore; he had given it to me for my thirteenth birthday. I placed it by the box and left the house, I didn't take my coat I didn't take my purse, I didn't take my car. I didn't need them where I was going.


Everyone woke up the next day to find no Bea and her favorite necklace next to a note and the gift she had for him/. Everyone was nervous to see what she had to say. /He was the last to wake up; he picked up the note and necklace and read it out loud.

Peter, Patrick and Andy,

I'm so sorry guys. I never thought it would come to this, but he said it I said it and now it has to be true. Know that I will always love you guys you are the family I never had, and will always have a special place in my heart. Patrick, my best friend, it's not your fault. It couldnt have been prevented. As he always said, things happen for a reason. I guess I'm not supposed to be here. Peter, my brother form another mother, thanks for always talking me down form it before. I'm sorry for being such a drag; this time you couldn't have talked me out of it. I'm sorry. Andy, you were always sticking up for me, this time no bullies were involved. It was the one person you couldn't protect me from, myself. I love you all, please dont cry for me. I'm far better off.


The boys just sat there stunned at what they had just heard. He was still holding the necklace. "I didnt know she still had it." He whispered. He opened up the box to find a movie; it was dated July 25th 1992, her 13th birthday, the day he confessed his love for her. He popped the movie in the tape player and watched as a 13 year old version of himself and her ran around, with her mother laughing behind the camera.

"So Bea, what do you want for you're birthday?"

"Oh you got me a present!" she jumped around happily.

"Yeah it's right here." He opened a case to revel a beautiful necklace with a heart on it and the words, 'I love you Bea' engraved on it.

"Oh! I love it, I will never take it off, never ever ever!"

Next he could see a 17 year old version of himself, the day that they became famous. Bea was sitting front row at one of their concerts filming them and screaming her head off.

"I LOVE YOU!" she screamed at him.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" he screamed back at her.

Next was that summer, they were sitting under a tree in her back yard.

"Will you love me forever and ever no matter what?"

"I promise."

"Even when you are out touring and have millions of girl throwing themselves at you?"

"Bea, I will always love you."

"The day you stop loving me, I will jump off a bridge."

"That day will never come."


"I promise."

She smiled at him and kissed him. "I would die without" she said.

The camera cut out and went to a present day Bea. She looked directly into the camera when she spoke.

"I know if you guys are watching this, something bad has happened." The necklace still dangling from her neck, she put her hand over it. "Please tell him that I kept my promise to him all those years ago. And now since he has stopped loving me, I have to do it. I love you guys. All of you." And the camera cut out.


They all ran out the door and got in his car. He knew where he was going. The pulled up to The Bridge, and climbed out of the car. And there she was, standing on the edge of the bridge. When she heard the car she turned around. Tears stained her cheeks, but she was smiling. The boys ran over to her frantically. But they were too late. She waved at them as they approached. She looked at all of them as they inched closer to her.

"Merry Christmas Joe." She whispered before letting herself fall off the edge.
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