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Street Scum

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When Frank gets kicked to the street and is barely out of high school, who'll save him ( Prequel to What's This?)

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So.. I would've had this out last night or earlier today but me and my friend went skateboarding so.. yeah... This'll be longer than What's This since it covers the two years that Gerard and Frankie were together until the What's This? plot.
Have fun.

Frank's POV

" You sorry little sack of shit, get out of my house!" My dad yelled at me, pushing me from the doorway, " What the hell is wrong with you, dad?" I yelled back, " Mom?" I asked looking at my mother in the doorway, " Sorry Frank... I... We..." She stuttered, hiding from the doorway, " Fine then, Fuck you" I spat and walked down the street.

" God dammit" I hissed pulling out a cigarette while I was walking down the streets. I had just graduated high school and somehow, that was a reason to kick me out. " Hey, kid.. Gotta light?" Someone beside me asked. I looked to my left and saw a homeless man holding up a cigarette. " Sure" I sighed, blowing out the smoke that I was holding in. I handed him my lighter and when he took it he grabbed my arm and pulled me into a headlock. " Ow... ow... What the hell dude?" I asked, " Just give me your money and we won't have any problems." The man hissed, getting a tighter grip on me, " I don't have any money, I'm broke" I told him and he punched my side, " Yeah right, gimmie your money punk." He yelled back.

Gerard's POV

I hate cities.. I growled to myself walking down the streets looking for a meal. I still couldn't believe that this was the place I grew up in. " I told you I don't have any money!" I heard a voice yell. I turned the corner and I young boy was pinned to the wall and an older man was punching him, I was assuming maybe.. drug deals? " Whatever! I know you!" The man yelled, " I just fucking got kicked out! You think those bastards are gonna give me any money!" The kid yelled back. His black hair was in his face and he was breathing heavily. He couldn't be barely a day over 18 so I figured I might as well help if I didn't want to watch someone get raped. ( Frank Rape!)

" Hey, buddy, if the kid said he doesn't have any money, he doesn't have any, he's not your hoe, so leave him alone." I said coming up to the two. The man dropped the boy and he ran off the corner, but stopped to see what I'd do, " And what's it to you?" The man asked, getting closer to me, " Well, he looks barely legal, if you touched him more than you have, he could go to the authorities and you'd land your ass in jail before you knew it." I laughed. The man huffed and sighed, " Just keep him out of my part of town and we ain't got problems." He said walking off. The boy came over to me and smiled, holding out his hand, " Thanks.. I'm Frank." He said as we shook hands, " Gerard."

Likey? I know its short, but it'll get longer as the chapters go on.
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