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Gerard and Frank have met.

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Heh... So... Um.. I don't know that persons SN but they told me to update as soon as I read their review so.. Be happy.. I remember people.

Frank's POV

I let go of Gerard's hand and smiled, " Well... Thanks" I said and walked off. He ran up to me and stopped me, " Hey... I overhead that you got kicked out, if you need a place to stay you could stay with me if you want." He said, he looked just a little bit older than me so I thought it might not be that bad, " Hm.. Okay, just for tonight, I was gonna go job hunting tomorrow anyway" I laughed. He set off down the street and I followed him, still smoking, " So, are you actually legal?" He asked me. I laughed, " Yeah... Last week, on Halloween. I'm still technically a senior in high school but my Dad well... He's a bastard." I laughed sadly and looked up at Gerard," Its fine though, don't worry about it."

" Wow... Nice Apartment. And you live here alone?" I asked. It was pretty nice for a Utah apartment and must've cost a lot of money to get in here, " Yeah, the families got money so I just borrow off them" He laughed going into the kitchen and looking around it, " Well.. Seems I don't have really any food here... I have coffee?" He asked, looking around like a lost puppy. Wow, he's hot, WAAAAIIIT! I'm a dude.. He's a dude... I shook my head of the thoughts and smiled, " Sure, thanks"

Gerard's POV

I laughed as he heard my thoughts. At least someone thinks I'm cute, thats sweet. I started up the coffee pot and walked out of the kitchen to see him looking around, " Do you not having anything with you?" I asked him. He emptied the contents of his pocket, a lighter, a pack of cigarettes, and an empty wallet, " Yeah... I didn't really have time to get anything." He said, embarassed, " We can buy you knew things... and I guess all you need is money and cigarettes, right?" I laughed, joking with him as he nodded, " You can stay out here tonight, I'll get you a pillow and some blankets." I said as he continued looking around and spotted the electric guitar in the corner, " Holy shit, guitar! Can I play?" He asked. I took in a deep breath and just then noticed his scent, " S-sure" I stuttered, trying not to go at him right at that second. He pulled a pic from somewhere in his jacket and started playing a song unknown to me, but it wasn't like I'd be able to pay attention to it.

" Wow... You slashed your own fathers tires?" I asked, laughing as we were talking about nothing and everything in my living room, " Like... two years ago... The only reason they kicked me out now is cause he caught me having sex with his secretary." I said quietly, hiding a smile, " You little man whore!" I laughed trying to control it, " She's hot, I can't help it!" He whined as I continued laughing. He looked to his watch, " Wow... its already 3AM.. Well, I'll let you get to sleep now... Thanks for letting me stay here" He smiled as I sat up to let him use the couch, " Yeah.. You're welcome" I said walking into my room. When I knew he was asleep I walked back out into the living room and sat down on the table, " Wow you're hot" I said quietly watching him sleep.

" NO! NO PLEASE!" The women begged me as I grabbed her arm and showed my teeth, " Sorry lady, I'm hungry and you're here... And besides, its fucking 4 in the morning, maybe you shouldn't be out." I threatened, sinking my teeth into her arm. Once I was done I walked around the lower part of the city and went back to the apartment when the sun started coming up, its not that I can't go out in the sun, its just that I don't like it. When I got back to the apartment door I heard the same guitar playing coming from the living room. I sighed and opened the door, " Why are you up so early?" I asked him, " Why are you out so late?" He responded back. I laughed, " Touché" I whispered to myself. " I can't sleep past 6AM.. it totally sucks." He hissed, I giggled slightly, " Yeah.. Know the feeling.

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