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Oh no no no!

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So.. Gerard and Frankie get a little carried away...

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So as the summary in this one says, they get a little carried away but since my sex scene girl isn't here to write it, they will not be having sex in this chapter. Sorry.

Frank's POV

So, I've been living in Gerard's apartment for a week, and spent every day of that week looking for a damn job. Which, hasn't happened yet. " Don't worry, Frankie, you'll find a job sooner or later." Gerard said, watching me eat Chinese take-out while he had a cup of coffee. " I know, Gee. But its... Upsetting that people don't wanna hire you. I need a pick me up." I laughed. Gerard then came over and sat next to me and put his head on my thigh, " I could fix that." He growled into my ear. I shuddered, " Um... Gee... I'm straight." I said trying to keep my cool. I mean.. Gerard was hot but... Wow that feels good. He was licking my neck and moving his hand to my chest. I turned to him and we immediately started kissing.

Gerard's POV

I moaned into his mouth. Now just to make sure that I won't bite him and kill the only person I've ever felt attracted to. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and moaned again. We then suddenly pulled apart, " Gee... I can't do this.. I'm... I'm not gay!" He whined looking at me with fear in his eyes, " Hey, its fine... And you don't have to be gay." I laughed, thinking that he could just convince himself that he wasn't gay, which, both of us knew. He came over and sat on my lap and then started laughing. " What?" I groaned and he continued, " I think you have a little problem." He said while laughing. I pushed him off my lap and ran off to the bathroom, trying the fix the 'little problem' he created, and his background laughter wasn't helping.

" Come on.. it was funny!" He whine trying to get me to stop pouting, " No it wasn't Frankie! That kinda shit's embarrassing!" I told him. He went over to my stereo and turned it on, going to the last CD it had in there, which happened to be Green Day's Dookie CD ( I'm listening to it now, so thats why) He started singing along to Longview, he had a wonderful voice. He was everything mom had told me love should be.

~~: Flashback :~~

" Mom... How do you know you're in love?" I asked, sitting at our counter while she was cooking. This was a few weeks before I was turned to a vampire, I had barely turned nineteen. " Why? Do you think you're in love?" She asked sitting down at the table and handing me a potatoes and a knife, which meant if I wanted advice I had to help cook too." No... I... just wanna be ready for it when it happens" I said and she laughed. " Well... When you know you're in love, you'll feel all floaty around that person and you'll always want to spend time with them. You'll want to hold them, and just let them be with you. And you never really get mad at them." She said, she then went off in some story about a horse and cow.

~~: End Flashback :~~

Mom was way too good at that shit. I thought, smiling at Frankie, who was dancing around like an idiot to some party music that had snuck its way onto my stereo player. I walked over to him and smiled, he pulled me too him and started dancing as I laughed. " Weirdo" I laughed, " Oh come on, you know you like dancing" He said looking at me and kissing my check, making the burn for him even more. Who knew a human could be this hot?

So yeah... A little close to the sex but... no so much.. Sorry guys.
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