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Gerard lets it slip that he's a vampire, what does that mean for him and Frankie?

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Maybe I'll get my sex scene master friend to come over and write something for me, not today though, cause its raining and her mom is like... sucky driver in rain, so yeah.hehe Have fun.

Gerard's POV

" EEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Frank squealed, grabbing onto my side and burying his head. We were watching a scary movie that he had picked, I started laughing, holding him, " Hey, its not funny, its not normal for the undead, or even the living to eat people!" He yelled back. " We're not all like that." I said quietly, " What?" He asked. " Um... Nothing?" I answered, " No.. No no no no, you said ' we're not all like that' Are.... you... a zombie?" He asked looking up at me, scared. I laughed slightly, " Um No... I'm-" I stopped, would this really be a good idea? " A vampire." I finished, " Like... blood-sucking evil demon vampire, or creepy occult, weirdos vampire?" he asked, " The first one.... But I'm not an evil demon." I finished. He thought for a second and then started laughing, " Yeah right, Gee. Sure, a vampire" He laughed. I sighed and stood up, " I'll show you.. come on." I said helping him up and going out of the apartment.

" Holy shit! Gee you just climbed up that wall!" Frankie whispered, or... yelled at me from the ground by the building I just scaled, " Yeah?" I laughed and started to go back down. When I landed on the ground Frankie was freaking out, jumping around and screaming. When he noticed me next to him he stopped, " So you can like.. suck people's blood?" He asked smiling, and I nodded, " AWESOME!!" He yelled back hugging me. Somehow his lips found mine and he had pushed me against the wall. For his small frame it would surprise you how dominant he had become.

Frank's POV

So... I have no clue what came over me at that second, but I just wanted to kiss Gerard. I think it surprised him that I was being dominant but I was the one that straighter longer, heh. I pulled away from him and put my head on his chest while his hand moved from his side to running his hands through my hair, " Are vampires aloud to date humans?" I asked quietly, " Yeah... I guess... My brother did, why?" he responded. I'm sure he knew what I was about to ask but I was gonna ask it anyway, " Do you want a boyfriend?" I ask quietly.

Gerard's POV

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, the boy just asked me out. I was on cloud nine, until I forgot that I had to answer him. I picked him up and spun him around in a circle, " Oh course I'll be your boyfriend." I laughed and we kissed again. " Cool" He laughed. We started walking down the street, hand in hand and smiling madly.

" How long have you been a vampire?" He asked while he was swinging in the local park and I was sitting on a bench nearby. " Um... About 189 years or something like that, I lost track around 100," I snickered. " So.... What will you do when I'm gone?" Frankie asked, looking down, " Well.... When you're gone, I'll go with you." I answered coming over to him and kissing him innocently.

Awwww.... Love!
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