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No Fair!

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Frankie finally has a job, but when someone jumps him will Gerard be there in time?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-05-30 - Updated: 2007-05-30 - 583 words

So, I know I'm not updating like I used to, you know, three stories a day but I'm starting to get busy with my summer so you guys are gonna have to kinda get used to it, and I know you can so... yeah... Have fun.

Frank's POV

" Hmm.... na na na..... na an nan naaaaa" I hummed to myself while I was walking home from work, after finally looking for a job for two weeks. I work as a DJ at a local club called ' The Door' I had the sudden feeling that someone was following me, usually it was Gerard being, well, Gerard, but this didn't feel like Gerard. I turned around.... to nothing. I sighed, " You're losing it, Frankie" I whispered to myself. I continued walking past a few alleys and other assorted places until an arm reached out and grabbed my shoulder, " Ow ow ow!" I yelled and the person covered my mouth. I tired to turn and look at the person, but his grip was too strong. " So this is the human that is staying with Gerard" He said to himself, " Let me go." I whimpered and he tightened his grip. " Nope.. I don't think so." He laughed.

Gerard's POV

Damn... Frankie should've been home an hour ago. I thought flipping through the TV channels. I got up and grabbed a jacket, going out the door.

" Frankie!" I called out again, " Mhpmh!" Came from one of the alleys, " Frank!?" I asked into the darkness. I turned to the alley and saw Bob holding onto Frank, who was losing his mind, " Bob, what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend?" I asked and he laughed nervously, " I just... wanted to see if he was strong, obviously not." He said looking down and letting Frank go, who was now running at me full speed ahead and slammed into me, almost crying, " I don't like your friends!" he whined, " You don't just go and steal peoples boyfriends, Bob!" I yelled at him. He sighed, " Hey, I'm sorry, I thought it'd be funny." He whimpered, " Well it wasn't! Dickface!" Frankie yelled back at him and then hiding his face as Bob bared his teeth and hissed, " I'll talk to you later, okay, Bob?" I said through my teeth, he nodded and disappeared. Me and Frankie started walking towards the park near the apartment.

" You'll never let any of your vampire friends hurt me, right?" Frank asked, as he swung almost into the trees and back down, " Of course not, if anyone was to bite you, it'd be me, and I'd only bite you if I wanted to turn you, and we can wait for that." I said swinging slightly. " How about... when I turn twenty?" Frankie asked, " Whenever you like... althought you'll hate me for a few days while you're changing, but that'll pass." I laughed. He jumped from the swings and landed on the ground, " Lets go home, I'm sleepy." he said, yawning. " Okay" I answered and put my jacket around him and walking home hand in hand.

So, if you were wondering, when MIkey killed Frankie, ( This shouldn't be a spoiler considering you should've read WT? So don't come crying to me if you didn't know.) Frankie was gonna turn twenty soon, which makes it harder on Gee in the sequel cause he was gonna change him then so... yeah... And sorry they've been short, my permit test is on Friday and I really wanna start driving so... xDDD
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