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Frank gets caught in fight at the club... Thats about all thats interesting.. and a make out session later... ha ha

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Happy Wednesday to you! Two stories today! I'm watching the episode of ER where a huge fight breaks out at a football game and whatnot.. So.... Yeah...

Frank's POV

" Hey, Frankie, take a break." My manager said. I smiled and nodded, walking off the podium and leaving the DJ desk playing some techno crap. I walked down to the bar and lifted my badge and the bartender passed me a beer, " Hey dude, how're you doing?" He asked me as I took a long sip, " You know I'm only 18, you shouldn't give me beer, Eric." I laughed, " Like people here care." He laughed. There was a loud screaming from over by the DJ stand, " What the hell, Thats mine!" I yelled going back over there, pushing through the pulsing people and up to the desk only to be slammed in the face by someone who obviously had brass knuckles attacked, " What the fuck did I do?" I yelled going over to the stand pushing the man over, slightly, anyway. " This dude stole my beer!" he yelled back at me, ' And that means you have to fight near the mixer? Get the hell away!" I yelled, " What's it to you?" The other man yelled. " Its my mixe-ow.. that hurt!" I yelled. The other man pulled his knife from his pocket and aimed at the other guy, missing, and scratched my arm, it instantly bleeding. I grabbed my arm and screamed until boss came over and started pulling me out of the fight, " Calm down! Calm the hell down and get outta my club!" He yelled at the men fighting, the bouncers pulling them out. He pulled me over to the bar and looked at my arm, " Hey, let me take you to the hospital or something, someone already called 911, you wanna go with them?" He asked, " I'll um... Sure.. I'll go with them." I said smiling and walking out to wait, " I'll pay for you're mixer don't worry!" Boss yelled and I just waved, with my good arm and walked out.

That was fun to write.. ha ha

~~ At The Hospital ~~

" Could you do that without touching my face?" I asked as the doctor was cleaning the cuts from the brass knuckles, " Well, I would, if you wanna let it get infected with whatever he might've been doing before he came to the club." The doctor complained back. " What about my arm?" I asked, wincing again, " Later, you complain a lot, good grief! Anyone I can call?" I thought about it... What would Gerard do with all this blood.. I'm sure he could control himself. " Um.. Yeah... My boyfriend. " I said. The doctor smiled and copied his number down and left to call.

Gerard's POV

" A club fight? Well... Okay.. I can be there, just.... Tell him not to freak out, he doesn't like hospitals very much" I told the nurse on the phone. I grabbed my jacket, " Hey, I gotta go, Frank's in the hospital, and no you can't come." I said to one of the local vampires that was hanging out at the apartment.

" Yay, You're here, can I go home?" Frank asked. He had a bandage on his face and the doctor was stitching up his arm, " What did you do, sugar?" I asked, laughing slightly, " Some dudes got in a fight near my control booth at the club and I had to save it." He said sheepishly. " As long as you're okay, When can I take him home?" I asked the doctor, " Well, when I'm done here, he can go, we can give him to pain meds if he wants them, " The doctor said, stopping slightly, " yeah... He's not a drug addict." I hissed. Frank was still smiling. " I'm fine, baby, don't worry." He laughed.

" I hate hospitals, they're scary." Frankie whined while we walked home, " Well, it's better than having me take care of it, I don't know anything about first Aid, and I hate hospitals too, I had to hold my breath the whole." I whined back, " ha ha, I noticed... That must've sucked, you couldn't have smelt my wonderful, ' I'm home from work' smell" He laughed, dancing around, " Well now you smell like everybody's blood, can I fix that?" I asked putting my hand on his shoulder, " Sure." He smiled as i started to kiss him, while he leaned against the wall. We both started grabbing and touching and groaning and I slid my hands up his shirt rubbing his chest causing him to laugh into my mouth. We stayed like that for at least five minutes before he pulled away and leaned on my chest, " So, what do I smell like now?" Frankie asked, breathing heavily and running his hands down my back, smiling, " Us." I laughed.

So, I thought the end was cute.. So... hehe.. I liked this chapter a lot.
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