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Life Lessons

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Gerard finds out a secret about Frank and has to help him.

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ER inspired of the next few Chapters... Yay... This is three in one day, right?

Frank's POV

" Dammit, I have the money, just give it to me!' I yelled at the man hiding in the shadows. " I don't have them today, I'll have them tomorrow." The man said, still hiding in the alley. Them was pain pills. It was three weeks after the fight and, yes, I had become dependent on the pills, and this man was now my only source of pills. " You better have them tomorrow, I have five left and I need them by then." I growled, " Okay, if you don't get them tomorrow, I'll give them to you for free." He sighed. I nodded and walked back to the apartment.

" Hey Frankie, wanna watch a movie?" Gerard asked, outside of the bathroom door. I sighed and swallowed two of the pills, " Sure, which one?" I asked, feeling the wave wash over me, " Um... How about Haggard?" He asked walking away from the door, " Yeah, that ones funny." I smiled and laughed lightly. I put the pills back in the hiding place and walked back out. I smiled as Gerard was searching around in his movie cabinet, I walked over and wrapped my hands around his waist, lacing my hands in his front, " Hey, baby." He laughed and turned kissing my head.

Gerard's POV

After the movie Frankie went to the room and locked the door. I sat in the living room for about five minutes until I walked over and took the spare room key out. I opened the door slightly to see Frankie downing a few pills, " What? I thought his ran out last week?" I whispered to myself, " Frankie baby? I thought you're prescription ran out last week?" I asked, coming into the room fully. I looked over at me in shock, and sighed, " It did... I.... " He didn't finish before he fell to the bed crying, I ran over and wrapped my arms around him, " I'm sorry Gee, I'm sorry... Its just... " " I know... I know, but you do know that you can't have these anymore, I'll make sure" I said. He laughed sadly, " Yeah.. Um.... I got a dealer and he's... Supposed to come tomorrow." He said quietly, " And you'll be staying clean as long as I'm concerned" I laughed, tapping his nose.

Frank sat in the living room, tapping his fingers on the arm rest. It was the next day and he was totally losing it, " Frankie, Baby, stop it" I said, referring to his tapping, " Then... Just... Eeeh" He whined, curling himself into a ball and pulling his t-shirt off, " Its hot in here, can you turn up the air or something?" He whined, " No, you're fine," I said, flipping through the TV channels, " NO I'M NOT!" He yelled back, starting to cry, " Hey, baby, you're fine, calm down," I cooed holding him. Someone then knocked at the door and he flew from my side to the door. He tried to beat me to the door and grabbed the handle first and he slid to the floor, " Hey, um... I need Frank, is he here?" The man asked, " Well yeah, but he's busy." I said, blocking his view of Frank, " Whatever, he's laying right there! Come on, Frank. Would you rather you're straight edge boyfriend or drugs?" He hissed at him, " Gee, please?" Frankie whined, " No, sugar... I can't let you, sorry." I said shutting the door, " YOU'RE MAKING A MISTAKE, FRANK! A BIG ONE!" He yelled from hallway as Frank broke down even more and started shaking. I slipped to the floor with him and hugged him, " Oh baby, calm down, don't worry."

So, I can't remember the word for what you go through the first couple days or whatever after you stop taking drugs... Do any of you know what it is?
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