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Reveal The Motion Of My Mind

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Frank is still recovering from his Withdrawal and mets Ray and learns about Gerard's past.

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So... if you haven't already, read and review my Sleeping Awake story I started yesterday. Love you guys, you're awesome.

Frank's POV

" God dammit Gerard, I need something, " I whined for the umpteenth time while sitting in the corner of the living room in Gerard's apartment, " no you don't" he responded, flipping through his magazine. ARGH! Just a few pills or something and I'd leave him alone, " No Frankie!" He said loudly, " Thats not fair! You can read my thoughts!" I complained to him. " Too bad, so sad, sucker." He laughed. I sighed and moved more into the corner, curling myself into a little ball.

" Okay, I have to go, Ray'll stay with you until I get back, don't try any funny stuff, sugar, Ray knows what he's doing. " Gerard said letting the fuzzy haired man through the door. I sighed and sat down on the couch, " Love ya Frank." Gee called from the door way. I sighed softly, " You too, Gee" Once he was out of the apartment Ray sat down next to me and poked me, I yipped, of course and turned to him, rather upset, " Just wanted to see if you were still alive, you humans can be very unpredictable." He laughed. /Great.. More vampires/.

" So, how do you know Gerard?" I asked an hour later, considering I might as well make a friend out of him, " Well, considering we're both vampires, we all live, basically forever, right? Well I was about 215-220 when I met him, back in 1806, ( If it is 2007, like I want it to be in my story, that would make Gerard 201 years old.. So... just clarifying....) He was 20, and worked on a farm as a slave pretty much." Ray said, going off, " Wait? I thought it was all rascistness back then, wouldn't that mean he had to be black to be a slave?" I asked, Ray sighed then, " No... I met him back in europe, and there it didn't matter as long as you worked for no pay. And well, one day I was hungry, like... deathly hungry, So I asked the people he worked for if I could take some of his blood and I accidently took too much, he was week anyway, so I decided to change him. He was pissed for about the first twenty years and finally got over it." He laughed. " So... Gerard was a slave? Wow..." I then felt a sudden shiver run down me and I freezing, " Hey, you okay?" Ray asked, " Y-yeah, its just... withdrawal" I whispered, pulling a blanket over my body, " Okay... Just... don't die on me... Gee would kill me." He said nervously.

So.. Tomorrow, friday... Permit test, band practice for four hours, and I'm going to a party so... Don't kill me if I don't update tomorrow cause I'm telling you know that I might not. And I know its short.. Its a filler kinda cause I'm blank right now, but I have to put something out.
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