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Thanksgiving Date

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Gerard celebrates thanksgiving for the first time... Oh no...

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Seriously... The past three chapters have been ER related.. to the seventh season, anyway. Its the Thanksgiving episode and Abby and Kovac are gonna eat at Doc Mago's or whatever that is across the street.

Gerard's POV

I looked up at Frank, who was bouncing around the bedroom while I was trying to convince him to get dressed. " Frank, come on, get dressed!" I yelled again, " ITS THANKSGIVING!" he yelled again. " And... That matters how? I don't eat, all Thanksgiving is eating." I said, flipping the channels through all the parades, " We can still celebrate... Go out somewhere, all we do is stay here and go to work and go home, come on, something interesting!" He whined, sitting in my lap and kissing up my neck, I moaned and he laughed against the skin on my neck, " Okay.. I'll plan the date, we'll leave at 8 tonight." I laughed kissing him back.

Frank's POV

" Ugh... Come on you stupid piece of shit button, button!" I yelled, I had locked myself in our room to get ready but this shirt wasn't working for me. I whined again and Gerard knocked on the door, " Do you need help, baby?" He asked, " Yeah.. My shirt won't button." I cried. I unlocked the door and he walked in and laughed at me. All I had was my boxers and the half buttoned shirt with two holes messed up. He was barely dressed himself. He smiled and fixed my shirt easily, " Stripes, huh?" He asked, " Yeah, we bought it a few weeks ago, remember?" I laughed as he finished it and kissed me, " Yeah... Don't forget to put your pants on, although I wouldn't mind." He laughed and growled in my ear, leaving the room again.

I walked out of the room, perfectly dressed, " Wow, Frankie, I didn't know you could pull yourself together like that." Gee smiled getting up from the couch, looking better than anyone could. " I hate vampires... you guys have like... unnatural beauty." I complained. He picked up a rose from the counter and handed it to me, " Its pretty! Lets go!" I laughed, putting it in in my pocket and grabbed his hand and walked out.

" Aw, look at the fairies!" Someone called out from behind us, " Ignore them, we're almost there anyway" Gee said kissing my cheek. The people continued taunted us, " Come on, queers, out for a date? Dude! Look at them!" Another one yelled. " We're here," Gee said turning into an italian restaurant. When we walked in Gerard flipped the group off and we walked in.

Gerard's POV

" Wow I missed wine." I laughed, taking a sip from my glass. Frank laughed as he continued eating from his pasta, " How did you find this place so quick?" He asked me, " Phonebook" I laughed and he smiled, " I always forget that phone books help," Frank giggled. I moved my chair over to sit next to him and wrapped my arm around him as he leaned into me. Our waiter came back and smiled, " You two look so cute together, is there anything else I can give you?" She asked. I shook my head and took another sip from my wine. " This was fun, I think I like Thanksgiving now,"

I thought it was cute.. So, you guess need to review, do you want me to hurt Frank.. he won't die, he can't die, you all know that, but he'll get hurt seriously, so.. should I? Like... car or gun or... what?
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