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Frankie gets hurt... Oh no... 'member, he won't die.

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Yes, I know. You guys don't want him hurt, but I'm bored and I wanna hurt someone.. Don't worry, it won't kill him, you all know that.

Frank's POV

" Hey, here's your pay for the week, see you tomorrow." Boss said, handing me a check, " Thanks, I'll be there." I nodded and walked out. I hate nighttime.. Its too dark. I whined to myself. I heard footsteps following me, " Dammit, can people not follow me?" I asked the sky. I screamed as I felt someone grip my shoulders and press something up against my ribs, " Okay Bob, funs over, let me go." I sighed. " Sorry, this ain't Bob." The man hissed, " 'member the club? I was gonna kill that guy and you got in my way, protecting your turn table or whatever," The man hissed, pressing whatever it was closer to me and cocking it, " Oh shit" I hissed. " Yeah.... this is defiantly an ' oh shit' moment" The man laughed, pulling the trigger.

I looked up through my blurry vision and groaned, " Hey, doc, he's awake." Someone said, " Hey, can you tell me who you are?" Someone else asked, I would assume the doctor, " Fr.... Frankie... Ow.." I whined, " Okay, Frankie, do you know where you are?" He asked again. I looked around, painfully might I add, " Hospital?" I questioned, and he nodded. " Anyone we can call?" He asked. This seemed familiar... The... On no.. The meds the.... " I've been.... h-here before.. My boyfriend... His number should be somewhere" I started mumbling. I felt a sharp pain go through my body and I screamed, " Stats are dropping, Do you wanna intubate?" A nurse asked, " What? " I asked pulling on someone's sleeve, " I need my boyfriend... Bring him here... please?" I asked, fighting the pain. I then felt a complete calm wash over me and I sighed, " Gerard... please"

Gerard's POV

" Lady! I need to see my boyfriend! Right now!" I yelled at the desk clerk. A younger doctor then walked past the desk and she stopped him, " Hey.. He keeps yelling for some guy named Frank," She said jabbing her thumb at me as I gave her the finger. " Oh yeah, he was asking for you, come with me, lets talk." " Is he okay?" " Come on, lets talk."

" He was shot in the chest?" I asked, hiding my face in my hands, " Yeah.. It was pretty close range and it damaged a lot. They are gonna have to remove some of his lung and his lower two ribs, but... They don't see why he shouldn't recover soon," He said, looking away from me, " What about meds? He's an ex-addict... for like.. two weeks," I said doing one of those weird choke laughs, " We can control the doses, don't worry. Would you like to see him, he's still asleep, but I'm sure he'd wake up if he heard you." The doctor said, smiling at me. I nodded and got up with him.

" I can't do this." I sighed, stopping in front of Frank's room, " Come on, this is a time when he needs you, we can leave you alone for a few minutes if you want," The doctor asked. I leaned against the wall and sighed, nodded my head and opening the door. I gasped when I saw Frank surrounded by tons of machines. He had tubes sticking out everywhere, mainly from his chest. He was awake but seemed pretty out of it, the breathing mask that was covering his face was filling with air and shrinking fast. I walked over to the bed, " Hey baby."

See, he's sorta fine, you guys'll live, don't worry. Holy shit.. I almost lost this whole story.. I was trying to copy it and it cut instead.. good thing it copies that stuff... damn..
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