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Dreaming of you

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Wet dreams

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Brendon awoke with a start. He blinked his eyes rapidly, desperately trying to rid his mind of the dream which now disturbed him so much. The sticky wetness in his boxers reminded him that he had enjoyed it more than he would dare to admit to himself.

He shuffled to the edge of his bed, his head dropping into his hands as Ryan's face swam in front of him. The dream had been so real, Ryan kissing him and touching him....

He shook his head to disperse the pictures in his head.

"Just a dream, Bren," he chastised himself, heading uncomfortably for the shower. "Just a wet dream. About a guy."

He turned the shower to cold and stood under it for a long time.

"Hey, Ryan," Spencer greeted him, waving his hand, beckoning him over. "You know Pete? And Joe?"

Ryan nodded at the pair in acknowledgement.

"So, spill it." Spencer continued eagerly. "Did you have some fun with Kennedy last night?" he nudged Ryan in the side.

Ryan felt his cheeks redden. "We, uh. I, uh, I guess so," he stammered out.

"Way to go, dude. That chick is hot. And she doesn't exactly play hard to get," Pete punched his arm lightly.

"What, you too?" Ryan raised an eyebrow at him.

"Me and half the dudes around here," he laughed, rolling his eyes.

Ryan glanced at Joe. He at least had the decency to look embarrassed as he nodded his head in agreement.

"Hey, Bren," Spencer greeted with the same maniacal wave he had given Ryan.

Ryan turned quickly to watch Brendon approach and felt butterflies in his stomach. He smiled in Brendon's direction, only to be met with a frown.

"I can't stop. I have something to do before class," Brendon muttered to Spencer, turning to leave again as quickly as he arrived.

"Hey, wait up. I'll walk with you," Ryan hurried to catch him up.

Brendon frowned again and quickened his pace, making Ryan almost jog to keep up.

"Hey, where's the fire," Ryan joked lightly.

"Look, I've got stuff to do. I need to see someone before class. I'll just catch up with you later," Brendon mumbled, refusing to meet Ryan's eye.

He hurried off, leaving Ryan staring after him, more than a little confused.

Brendon inwardly scolded himself. He had acted like an idiot. It wasn't Ryan's fault he had pornographic dreams about him.

"It doesn't mean anything," he recited over and over in his head.

But if it didn't mean anything, why did he keep staring at the side of Ryan's head. And why was he watching his long graceful fingers, folded around his pen, and remembering where those hands had been in his dream.

His eyes wandered back to Ryan's face.

"Mr Urie?"

Ryan turned to him suddenly, catching him staring.

Brendon felt his face redden.

"Mr Urie?" the voice repeated, trying to draw his attention.

His eyes were locked with Ryan's. He couldn't turn away.

"Mr Urie!" the voice repeated again, angry now.

"Huh?" Brendon realised Mrs Clarkson had asked him a question. He whipped his head to the front of the class, where she stood waiting for his answer.

"Um, I don't know," he replied sheepishly.

"Obviously," she retorted.

He dropped his eyes to his desk. But he could still feel Ryan's eyes burning into the side of his face.

"What the hell, Brendon?" Audrey muttered from beside him. "You haven't listened to a single word I've said."

A slap on his arm brought him back to reality.

"What?" he snapped at her, continuing to stare at the movie playing on the screen in front of him.

"I said, Kennedy wants us to double date with her and Ryan on Friday. The only condition being, you have to make sure Ryan comes. He's being weird with her," she rolled her eyes skyward.

"Sure, ok," he agreed, annoyance evident in his tone.

"So?" she continued, waiting for him to act.

He took a deep breath, trying to control his temper. Jeez, she was irritating tonight.

"So, what?" he snapped again.

"So, call him."

Brendon sighed and took the phone she waved at him. He walked slowly from the room, closing the door behind him.

"Hi, it's Brendon."

"Hi," Ryan replied. Only silence greeted him at the other end.

A heavy sigh broke it. "So, sorry about earlier. I was being a dick," Brendon finally spoke.

"S'ok," Ryan toyed with the cord of the phone.

"What you doing?"

"Nothing much. I was writing a song, but it's just not working out properly..." Ryan trailed off, frustrated.

"Oh. I'm at Audrey's. I could come over and help you..." Brendon left the rest of the sentence unsaid.

"Um, not tonight. My Dad, he's kind of funny about having people in the house."

"Uh, that's ok. But maybe we could, y'know, hang out. Tomorrow maybe. At my place?"

Ryan let a smile pass quickly over his lips. "Yeah, sure, that would be good."

He heard Brendon let out a breath. "Great. See you at school," he finished brightly before hanging up.

"Well, that was weird," Ryan thought as he hung up the phone.

As hard as she tried, Audrey could not get Brendon's attention.

She had spent the last hour trying to turn him on. She had given it the full treatment. Lips, neck, collarbone. She had virtually lap danced on top of him. Now, here she was on her knees, dick in hand, and she was getting nothing.

He remained embarrassingly unmoved. And he didn't even seem bothered.

"What's up Bren?" she asked, extremely close to pissed off now.

He pushed her hands away, buttoning himself back up.

"Nothing's up," he shrugged.

"Clearly," she answered, pointedly staring at his lack of erection.

"Not everyone is as obsessed with sex as you Audrey," he snapped, sneering at her.

"That's not fair, Brendon. You always want to have sex," she tried not to sound whiny. She failed.

He jumped up from the couch "Yeah, well maybe I don't want to have sex with you," he shouted through gritted teeth.

Her startled face looked up at him from her position on the floor.

She watched in amazement as he grabbed his coat and walked out on her.

She had no idea where that had come from.

Sorry this has taken so long. I lost my inspiration. Anyway, thanks Ria for helping me with this one. And reviews would make my day. And make me update faster :-)
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