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Act 3, Scene 4

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Act 3, Scene 4

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Davey paced the floor nervously. Inés stood by the door of his room, leaning against the frame. Tré sat in the swivel chair next to the desk, hands folded as he moved the chair from side to side, fighting the urge to spin around completely. It always helped him feel better, but he knew not to mess with Davey at the moment.

"Things have gotten out of hand," said Davey, running a hand through the multicolored hair gracing the side of his face. "So much so that you've had no time to talk to Alicia. She loved Jade like a did I... Well, we were born to die, after all. It's very late; she won't leave her room tonight. If you weren't here I would've been asleep an hour ago," he said to Tré, who immediately stopped moving.

"This is no time for me to ask her out." Tré shook his head sadly. "I'll see you tomorrow; tell her I'm sorry about this," he said to Inés.

"I will, and I'll see how she's feeling tomorrow. Tonight she's too upset to speak to anyone."

"Tré, I'll speak to her. She'll listen to me. Inés, speak to her before you go to sleep and tell her about Tré. And ask her if Wednesday-" He paused suddenly, thinking. "What day is it?"

"Monday," said Tré softly.

"Monday? That's too soon, then. Thursday, tell her she's going out with him. Will that be enough time, Tré? I won't tell many people. Because if we hurry, it might look like we didn't care about Jade at all. I'll tell maybe six people; that's all. So is Thursday okay?"

"I wish Thursday was tomorrow," Tré said with a smile. Davey smiled as well.

"Well, leave, then. Thursday it is. Inés, tell her tonight. I need to get some rest; it's really late. Good night, both of you," he said tiredly. Tré nodded and hurriedly left. Inés gave Davey a quick kiss before departing. Once she was up to her room, she called Hayley.

"Hey, Hayley, it's me. Can I come over? I need to talk to Alicia..."
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