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New Generation of Fairy Godchildren

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A different direction then "FOP: New Generation" writed by Trixie21, showing the children of Timmy, Trixie, Chester, Tootie, Veronica and Remy Buxenplenty

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Disclaimer: Fairly OddParents are created by Butch Hartman and owned by Nickelodeon. And a big thanks to xXLennaXx, a member of the Butch Hartman forums for letting me using her own characters Trotty and Christina.

Author's note: Besides a very good fanfic writen by Trixie21 about what if Tootie was the mother of Tommy and Tammy from the episode Channel Chasers. In a discussion in the Butch Hartman forums we talked of a new Fairly OddParents series featuring a new generation of godchildren, then I mentionned with if the possibility then Trixie could be the mother of Tommy and Tammy while Chester married Tootie and have also 2 children «Chester Jr» and «Tootie Jr» and xXLennaXx came with the name of Trotty and Christina for the children of Chester and Tootie. Thanks xXLeenaXx :-)

Cosmo: Come on, let's go with the fanfic!

DIMMSDALE, year 2030 AD

It's a new sunny day who begin in Dimmsdale, the city evolved over the years having a futuristic look except a district who was unchanged and left intact due to its patrimoinal value. It was where a 10-year old boy named Timmy Turner resided...

A nicely restored 15-year old Dodge Challenger arrived in front of the house. The driver stops the car while the passenger get his eyes hidded by a scarf and the 2 children in the back seat have some fun arguing to each other about a fish bowl with 2 yellow fishes.

Child #1: (a boy with black hairs and a hat) It's my turn to hold the fish bowl now Tammy!

Child #2: (Tammy, a girl with a pair of glasses and brown hairs) No, it's my turn Tommy, I only have it for 5 minutes.

Fish #1: (a male fish) Those 5 minutes looks like a year to me Wanda!

Fish #2: (a female fish) At least it's not a century Cosmo!

Tommy: MOM!!!!

Unknown Mother: (A woman in her early 30s with stunned eyes and black hairs) Tommy, Tammy, stop arguing, we're arrived! Honey, you can remove your scarf now.

Unknown Dad: (A man with brown hairs also in his early 30s) Finally, it's about time! (He remove his scarf and see the house) Wow! That's....that's...that's the house where I lived years ago!!! (turns his head to his wife) Trixie, but how?

Trixie: Timmy, when your parents decided to go to retirement in Brightsurg. They doesn't want to sale the house to Dinkleberg who wanted to crush all the houses in the neighboorhood to expand his palace, Dinkleberg tried to expropriate their house but Dinkleberg got his pants caught down.

Timmy: By the burst of the house bubbling market?

Trixie: No, not it all, he ended at the mental asalym with a straight jacket saying he was attacked by fairies.

Timmy: Wow, I didn't know then Dinkleberg became almost nuts as that teacher Denzel Crocker was.

Trixie: Yeah and since I was promoted to McBadbat Entreprises. I taught it was a good opportunity then we can have your parents house. My mom had lots of difficulties to cope when I married you instead of Tad or Remy.

Tammy: But mommy, how you married daddy?

Tommy: Yes, how do you get it?

Timmy: It was after school's day, I tried to convince Trixie with subtle ways but then Tad losted his temper and punched me. To my surprise Trixie joined me and we knocked Tad K-O.

Tammy: What happened next?

Trixie: When my dad learned about it, he was so happy but not my mother and couldn't stand it. My dad had found a way to convinced her, he checked their photo album and he founded a picture of GrandMa Tang during the time she was unpopular at the elementairy school.

Tommy: I guess she finally changed her mind?

Trixie: Not completely until the day when I losted my contact eyes then I had to use a pair of glasses who looked like Tootie used to wear and when Tad saw me with that, he rans away.

Timmy: I wonder if he ended like Crocker?

Meanwhile at the room located in the mental asalym, former teacher Denzel Crocker argued with Dinkleberg both in straight jacket.

Dinkleberg: I lost my house! And my fortune all lost because of these FAIRIES!!!! I should had listened seriously to you Denzel when you did that speech on March 15 1982! Those FAIRIES, why? Why they picked me?

Crocker: See, see! I told you! These FAIRIES are evil!!!! But did you taked me seriously? No, now enjoy the misery then the FAIRIES did to you! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Dinkleberg: Now what can you do about those FAIRIES?

Crocker: Well, I begin to be too old for the haunt of the... FAIRY GODPARENTS! (spazzing and spamming), I let the new generation taking the path where I left to capture the ...FAIRY GODPARENTS!! (spamming again until he was interrupted by a guard)

Guard: Denzel Crocker, your nephew Daniel is here to visit you.

Crocker: Finally, the day has finally come!....

While Crocker receive the visit of his nephew Daniel, Timmy, Trixie and their kids had inside the house with the furniture already installed.

Timmy: Wow Trixie, it's more beautiful then I imagined.

Trixie: Thanks Timmy and...( she's interrupted by her cell phone ringing, Trixie got the phone) Excuse me Timmy, I got a call (to the cell phone) Hello, Mrs Trixie Turner here?... What, I have to go to a meeting but I just arrive with my husband and my kids...They're invited too! No, it don't cause a lot of inconvience...Yes....we'll arrive as soon as we can. Thank you for your call...Good bye!

Timmy: What's happened Trixie?

Trixie: It's Mr. McBadbat of McBadbat Entreprises, they invited all of us to a meeting.

Timmy: I wonder why?
Trixie: We'll sound find out. Tommy, Tammy, let's go on in the car.

Tommy, Tammy: Yes mom. Can we bring the fishes with us?

Trixie: At one condition, put the fishbowl between you, so you won't argue with them again.

Tommy, Tammy: Ok mom.

After a short ride in the car, they arrived at the front door of the McDatBat residence.

Timmy: Wow, it's more bigger then your parents house Trixie.

Trixie: I know and it's more bigger then Remy Buxenplenty home.

Timmy: (try to remember something) McBadbat....that name, it's very familiar.

Trixie: Since you mentionned then it's very familiar, that's reminds me of something, wasn't a guy named Chester McBadbat in our classroom?

Timmy: (a bit intrigued) Now that you mentionned it... but it can't be....

The door suddenly opened with a butler who was familiar to Timmy.

Butler: Yes?

Timmy: Good morning, my wife Trixie Tang and we....Fr...Francis? Is that you?

Francis: Huh?....Heh!? Is that you Turner?! Oh boy, I can't wait to throw you...

Unknown voice (coming from behind Francis): To throw you what Francis?

Francis: Huh...Nothing, nothing it all Master Chester!

Timmy, Trixie (stunned): Chester?!?!?!?!? Chester McBadbat??!!

Chester: Timmy!! Trixie!!! After all these years, I'm glad you finally returned in Dimmsburg. (Chester hugs Timmy and Trixie) Toots, Toots, they are here!

Unknown voice: Timmy!!!! Trixie!!!

Trixie, Timmy: Tootie?!?!

Tootie hugs both Timmy and Trixie.

Trixie (a bit choking): Tootie,... don't hug us... too hard.

Timmy: Yes...we need...some...oxygen.

Tootie (realizing that): Oups,....sorry and (see Timmy and Tammy) hey nice children you have, what's their names?

Tommy: My name is Tommy.

Tammy: And I'm Tammy.

Tootie: They're very nice and (seeing then Tommy hold the fish bowl with 2 gold fishes) they loved their gold fishs a lot.

Timmy: Yeah, sorry for the inconvience.

Tootie: Don't worry about it, you should see our 2 children Trotty and Christina, they goes on trips with us with their blonde parrot. Chester why don't you call your dad and the kids? They're in the gaming room.

Chester: Sure Tootie,(to a intercom), Dad! Would you come here in the hall with the kids?

(A guy arrived in the hall wearing a grocery bag on his head accompanied with 2 childrens holding a cage with a blonde parrot, a girl who wear pigtails like Tootie weared in the past excepted then her hairs was blonde and a boy who have a pair of glasses similar to what Tootie had and got Chester hairstyle except then he have black hairs)

Timmy: Mr. McBadbat?!?

Mr. McBadbat: Hi everyone.

Trixie: You still wear a grocery bag?

Mr. McBadbat: Yes!

Timmy: But your son Chester is now a millionnaire, you shouldn't ashamed of his success.

Mr. McBadbat: That not that problem, you'll see, when I remove my bag.

(Mr. McBadbat remove his bag off his head showing his face who have the same look he was in «Fairy Idol» except his hairs who's more gray, suddenly dozen of young women are appearing from nowhere)

Women: Ahhhh!!! It's Chester's dad!!! Let's get him!!!

Mr. McBadbat: AHHHHH!!!! You see since Chester made it into high society! I'm suddenly very popular with women and they wants to marry me for having a part of his fortune and I had to remain anonymous. Btw, if my wife was still alive, I think she'll proud of him. Now if you excuse me I got to....RUN!!!! Have a nice day!!!

(He rans away followed by a army of women out of the house leaving everyone else in the hall)

Trixie: Wow, he's now more popular then the popular kid I was.

Tootie: That's the ransom of the glory I guess and here the kids, this is Christina and this is Trotty.

Christina: Good morning.

Trotty: (speaking in French) Bonjour!

Trixie: Trotty speak French very well Tootie.

Christina: (speaking in French) Et moi aussi. (translation: Me Too)

Tootie: We did often some business and vacations trips to Montreal and Quebec City, they was a bit of opportunity to learn French, unfortunately we didn't had enough time to visit Ottawa.

Trixie: What a coincidence, before we moved back to Dimmsdale, Timmy and I we worked in Ottawa and... (interrupted suddenly by Chester)

Chester: Oh no! I just taught of it?

Timmy: What's wrong Chester?

Chester: Since dad run away from these woman, there no one who'll keep an eye on the kids while we're talk about your promotion and Timmy there also a place for you in my entreprise...

Trixie: They could stay with us.

Tootie: Unfortunately, they're too young to learn the language of business and we have to call a babysitter.

Tootie goes to the phone but suddenly, a older red-haired woman arriving from no where, appeared suddenly in the hall with a devilish smile. It was none other then Vicky alias «Icky Vicky» who turmented Timmy during his childhood.

Vicky: No need to call, Vicky is here.

Christina and Trotty: (very scared) AHHHHH!!!! Aunt Vicky!!!!

Timmy: Vicky...Vicky...? It means something but when I heard this one?

Vicky: Well, well, well, looks like that twerp have a memory hole! (looking Timmy) And he turned into a handsome man, (Vicky turns his head to Trixie) looks like he hit the jackpot anyway, (see now Tommy and Tammy) and we'll have more fun.

Tommy: (looking scared) Dad, mom, this babysitter scared me.

Tammy: (looking scared) And so I am.

Tootie: Vicky, what are you doing here? What happened to Chip?

Timmy: Chip? THE Chip Skylark? You married Chip Skylark?

Vicky: Yeah, but he's now besy doing a father and son show with Chip Skylark the 4rd in Calgary and Mark Chang had decided to invite them along with Britney Britney for a special moment show to a country called...I don't remember the name....(searching a bit)...Now I remember, it's Yugomotapia. Since I'm a bit alone in my home, I taught then I could invite myself to your home sis!

Tootie: Ok Vicky, but at one condition, don't harm the kids.

Vicky: (taking a innocent and angelic look) Don't worry sis! I'll take care of the kids like a precious treasure.

Tootie: (with a little sceptic look) Fine.

Vicky: Thanks, I won't disseapoint you Tootie.


We seriously doubt then Vicky will hold her promises, how Tommy, Tammy, Trotty and Christina will hold the situation? Who's that mysterious blonde parrot? Wait for the next fairy-chapter of this fairy-fanfic ;-)
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