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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Sarena smiled at no one in particular as she made her way into lot 27 at the Universal Studio. Just three months before she got her biggest gig of her entire career: she auditioned for the new TV show called "Way to Stardom", based on the life of a girl who was trying to make it into the acting and singing world. Needless to say, she got to be the main protagonist.
The show was an instant hit, and season two was already on production at the moment.
She went to hug and say hi to her cast mates then got straight into her dressing room, ready for another day of work.
As she walked into the set ready to start, she noticed her manager discussing with the director, the producer and a guy, whose face was darkened by his hoodie.
Her manager motioned for her to join them, so she did. The guy pulled his hoddie down and sure enough there she was, standing next to no one other than Pete Wentz, bassist of Fall Out Boy.
"Sar, Pete is going to be the guest star of this next episode so just go over the script you studied and everything should be fine... Pete, this is Sarena, she's the protagonist..." said her manager.
Pete smiled and offered her his hand, which she accepted. "Nice to meet you Sar..."
Sar smiled not knowing what to say... this was Pete Wentz after all!
They started with the first shoot and everything went fine. At the end of the day not only half of the episode was done, but Sar had also made a new friend: Pete, exactly.
She managed to warm up to him after a couple of hours of working together and he was the nicest guy ever.
"Are you coming tomorrow too?" Sar asked Pete grabbing her purse, ready to head home.
"Yeah, just in case they need me... hey I was thinking... my friends from Panic! At The Disco are in town to get some work done and we're probably hitting The Viper Room tonight... wanna join us?"
Sar stared at him for a couple of second, shocked. Panic! At The Disco... her number one favourite band EVER! She couldn't believe this... and as he mentioned The Viper Room she finally remember the plans she had made with her best friend, Ele.
"Wow... well I don't know... me and my friend were..."
Pete interrupted her mid sentence. "It's no problem, you can bring her along if you want... the guys will be happy..." he smirked.
"Alright then, I guess... I'll see you tonight then?"
"Sure... Need me to pick you girls up?" he asked politely.
"Oh, don't worry about that... Ele's brother is the owner of the club so transportation is not a problem for us..." she laughed.
"So you know the Browns huh?" he said as they made their way outside towards the parking lot.
"Yeah, me and Ele pretty much grew up together and the VR is like home... have you ever met her brother?"
"Actually Andy is one of my good friends here in LA so he'll probably be with us tonight..."
"Alright, then... I'll see you tonight... Bye Pete..."
Pete hugged her then head towards his car just as she pulled out.

Ele looked around her room sighing deeply. The place was a total mess. Studio time had a bad influence on her.
"Gangsta, you won't believe what..." Sar broke into Ele's room and stopped to look around. "Man, next time you'll complain about my room I'll just remember THIS..."
Ele smiled. "Oopsie?" she smiled. "I guess I've spent too much in the studio lately..." she said picking up some things left on the floor and trying to start the cleaning process.
"Well, you can clean tomorrow cause tonight we're going to hang out with Panic! At The Disco and Pete Wentz at the VR..." Sar announced proudly.
Ele looked at her. "Wow... hum... I guess it's a good thing right?"
"Aren't you excited? I mean, it's Panic & Pete..." Sar told her overly-excited.
"I am, for you, really..." Ele answered sincerely.
"Gangsta what's wrong?"
"Look at me, Sar... do I look emo or punk or whatever? Those guys will probably just laugh in my face! There's a reason if you call me Gangsta, Sar..."
"But you like their music... who cares? I am kinda emo slash punk but I am not laughing at you... I actually like the fact that we listen to as many genres as possible... everyone is going to like you because you're not a slut..."
Ele smiled, "And everyone is going to like you because you can't STFU!"
They both laughed hard. "True..." Sar added. "But I just want to have fun and meet Ryan, then I can die happy..."
"Please, don't die... I don't want to live in this big apartment alone!" Ele said dramatically.
Sar let out a laugh. "You know I have been thinking..."
Ele rolled her eyes. "Oh God, not again..."
"Oh shut up! I was thinking that if I can have Ryan then you should definitely have Brendon..."
"Oh really?"
"Yeah... I bet he'll try to get your number... I bet 20 bucks on that one!"
"Well, I bet 20 buck that he won't, but that Ryan will try to get yours..."
"Deal... I'll go get ready... See you in two hours!" Sar said hugging her best friend then running into her room as Ele rolled her eyes.
That night was going to be interesting...

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