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Chapter One - Long Live The Car Crash Hearths

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Sarena meets Pete Wentz, and that leads to meeting the guys from Panic! At The Disco... what will happen when she and her best friend Ele are in the mix? (This summary suck, I know... just read th...

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Two hours later Ele and Sar were heading towards the VR. Sar was so excited it was almost annoying, since she kept bouncing in her seat as Ele drove.
"Sar, you need to calm down... Like, seriously!"
"I know I'm just... nervous and excited at the same time and I can't help it..."
Ele rolled her eyes. "It's gonna be fine if you quit the bouncing dance thing!"
Sar stopped and tried to compose herself just in time.
Once they reached the club, they left the car to the valet and headed inside. The place was packed, but they got in safely and Sar spotted Pete talking with the bartender.
"Let's go, I see Pete..."
"Hey Sar, I'll go look for my brother while you go say hi to Pete, alright?"
"No need for that..." Sar said motioning to her brother who was now talking with Pete.
Ele groaned and Sar couldn't help but notice she was just as nervous.
"Ele, stop worrying so much! Now let's go..."
Sar grabbed her by her hand and dragged her to meet up with Pete and Andy.
"Hey guys..." Sar said and both boys turned around smiling.
"Hey! We were waiting for you..." Pete said hugging Sarena as she smiled.
Ele grinned as she went to hug her brother. "Whatup bro?"
"Pete this is my sister, Ele..."
"Nice meeting you... both Sar and Andy can't shut up about you..."
She shook his hand and blushed. "Nice meeting you too Pete... by the way, Sar couldn't shut up about you either..."
Pete smiled. "Yeah, she's kinda hyper..."
Sar rolled her eyes. "I am still here, you know..."
"Well, I better get going or Dan will kill me..." Andy said.
"Where are you going?" Ele was now afraid of her brother leaving.
"Dan's having a party at his house, I need to be there... Josh will take care of the club for me tonight... You girls behave alright?" he said before kissing his sister on the cheek, and then leaving.

Thirty minutes later Ele and Sar were sitting in one of the VIP room with Pete and the guys from Panic! At The Disco. The guys were pretty fun, and so were Hailey and Cassie. Hailey was Spencer's girlfriend, while Cassie was Jon's.
"So... How long have you girls known each other?" Pete asked casually.
"Hem... probably... since we were 3, I guess?" Sar said looking at her friend.
"Yeah, we were about 3, cause that's when my family and I moved to Cali..." Ele added, while Sar nodded.
"Cool..." came from Ryan. "Me and Spencer have known each other for a while too..." he looked directly at Sarena, who blushed in return.
There were some minutes spent in silence, so Jon suggested he and Cassie should go dancing, with Spencer and Hailey following.
"Anyone wants something to drink? I am thirsty..." Ryan asked while they left, standing up ready to go to the bar area.
"I am... E, you coming?" Sar stood up as well.
Ele looked at her friend and shook her head no. "I'm fine, thanks..."
Both Brendon and Pete showed their drinks so Ryan grabbed Sarena's hand. "Come on missy, I'll buy you a drink..."
Ele smiled at Sar's surprised expression: she was blushing like crazy and stuttered something before following him outside the room.
"So it's just the three of us now..." Pete smiled evilly looking between Brendon and Ele.
"Don't mind him..." Brendon said looking at Ele, smiling.
She felt her cheeks grew red but returned the smile. "It's alright, that's pretty much how me and Sar are..."
"You're cool, then..." Pete said.
"So E... that's how Sar calls you right?"
"Yeah, that's just one of the many nicknames I have... she calls me E, Gangsta most of the time and E-Unit..."
Pete laughed. "Elaborate ones, I have to say... is there a reason?"
"Well, I like all kind of music but if I had to pick one that'd be hip hop cause that's what I grew up listening to, you know? That's why she gave me those names... but really, I listen to pretty much everything now that I'm older..." Ele explained, feeling a little bit more confortable around Pete now.
"E-Unit is cool... I wish you guys would call me B-Unit... that's rad..." Brendon said to get involved into the conversation.
Ele laughed. "Don't worry, Sar will give you a name pretty soon... she does that to everyone I guess..."
"Yeah, but I still want the B-Unit one..." he whined. Ele looked at him and couldn't help but notice how cute he was when he did that.
"Alright, I'll call you B-Unit if you want..."
"See? She's cool!" Brendon said pointing at her while looking at Pete.
"You two are retarded!" was Pete answer, which made the three of them burst out laughing. "Alright kids, I'm going to see if Patrick is here yet... you two behave..." he got up and headed toward the door.
Brendon snorted while Ele turned around to look at him and said "We will... GRANDPA!" which made Brendon start laughing hysterically, especially after he saw Pete's reaction.
Pete eventually started laughing along the duo and left the VIP room shaking his head.
Ele was now feeling very shy. It was the same thing every time she was alone with a boy. And considering that Brendon was a pretty gorgeous guy, it wasn't helping at all! She blushed deeply as she realised that Brendon was staring at her.
"E, can I... hum... do you want to dance with me?" Brendon asked her nervously. Knowing that he was just as nervous helped her relax a little, but still...
"Yeah, I'd love to..."

Meanwhile, Sarena and Ryan...

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