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Chapter 4- One Night

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To the one and only (true)Joe-buddy Embarassment and video games

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Chapter 4- One Night

It was 7:00 when I pulled up to that familar house in Wilmette. It still gave me memories of what was, like when Pete jumped off the roof. Before I even pushed to doorbell, the door opened. Mrs. Wentz was standing infront of me flashing her bright smile.

"Hi Mrs. Wentz."

"Oh you know you don't have to call me that Breauna."

"I know."

"Well how have you been, Pete tells me how much he misses you." I looked over to Pete, who had just walked by. He had the slightest hint of red in his cheeks.

"Hi mom! I see you've met Breauna again, now we gotta go. People to relive memories with!" He was showing his regular smile, but his eyes said something else.

"What was that about?" I asked as we walked away.

"I don't even know."

"Yo guys, whats up!" I yelled. Not one answered me. "Guys? Patrick? Andy?" I tapped both their shoulders; they didn't bulge. You know, that's why no one ever stays together. Games tend to ruin relationships. I gave up and backed into a chair to sit, wondering where Pete went(z).*

"I'm sorry." Joe said. I ignored him. "I said I'm sorry. I promised you I wouldn't forget you and I did." He paused obviously waiting on a response from me. I didn't give him one. I only thought about what would make this sudden change in demeanor.

"I know you're wondering what brought this on now, so I'll tell you. I've been thinking. I've been thinking for 3 years about how I always thought that someday you would leave me for someone better. I never meant to hurt you, I just thought I was finally gonna stop lying to myself that you really loved me."

Who knew that one speech could make you change your whole way of thinking? That was one of the most heartfelt thing I ever heard him say. I looked over to him. His face was pointed down towards his twidling hands. I actually liked him again.

"Joe..." I started while putting my hand on his shoulder, he looked up at me, then at Pete who just announced Joe's girlfriend had called. Why did he have to come back? My life's worse now than it was when I hated him.

* I'm sorry. I just had to do that for some unknown reason.

AN: Will Joe call his girlfriend back? Will we find out her name?? Will we find out why Pete even had Joe's cell in the first place??? Until tomorrow my friends...
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