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Chapter 3- Been Looking Forward To The Future

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Hey guess's 2007 now.

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Chapter 3- Been Looking Forward To The Future

3 years and 2 albums later, I had changed. No longer did I turn to guys to feel content with my life. I moved on, Joe was the past.

"Breauna, can you wait on table 3?" I was in Chicago still, working at my favorite vegan resturant:Pick Me Up Cafe. The guys stop by here to eat whenever the time was convienant. Only people whoever saw me were Pete, Patrick, and Andy.

"I'm Breauna, I'll be your waitress. What drinks would you like?"




"Iced tea." I looked up from my notepad at hearing those voices I knew so well. I hate the fact Lisa* made me work at this table.


"Breauna!" 3 guys came out to hug me, one stayed behind; looking uncomfortable, as he should be.

"I missed you! You changed." Pete noticed he was always stating the obvious.

"Yeah, my hair's longer and back to it's original red-brown. I kinda missed your hair being red, we almost matched."

"You saw that?" He looked back to Joe, who still hadn't moved. "Um we should go... hey! Um, stop by my parents house later she would love to see you again. Bye!" And they left, too bad I'll see Joe again. He brought my pain back and I say screw you for that.

Lisa goes to school with me, she had a extremely bad day today so this chapter goes to her.*

**First footnote I ever used!!!

An: Will Joe ever say something else besides Iced tea or even move??? Guess we gotta wait now...
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