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Chapter 2- Even Though They Weren't So Great

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The memories are getting worse.

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AN: Sorry this chapters so short. I really couldn't think of anything else to put in this one.

Chapter 2- Even Though They Weren't That Great

When 2004 came around they were starting to get the respect they desreved. Fall Out Boy had an album out and were on their way to making the video for "Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy" Pete called to tell me about the van accident and his scars, he said the good news yas that the camera's okay. And poor Patrick sounded so scared when he said he was almost in the death seats. I was in New Yok at the time so I wasn't able to rush out like Joe told me to do so many times. Anyway they make like 3 videos in all but the accident was like the lase time I ever heard from Joe again.
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