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Embarrasment is the last thing I want to feel around you.

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"Joel. I just one thing to say: YOU SUCK." Did I just say that? Yeah, I think I did.

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Though, I told her not to come home, she did.
And to make it worse, Joel stayed with her.
I had to get out. I need some coffee and a place to just think.
I haven't done that in a while. I need to escape here for a hour or so... Or maybe longer.

I didn't need to shout, "I'll be back later." Because she wouldn't hear me. I'm a big girl now.
It was a nice night and I could walk there since it was a few blocks away from my house. No need to waste gas as expeincive as it is.

Sid, a friend that works at the coffee place was working tonight.
She is a good person to talk to when I have problems.
"Hey sid." I waved to her as I made my way to the counter.
"Hey Kt. The usual?" She asked. "Nah, make me a hot chocolate tonight." She gave me a weird look but made it anyways.

I took it from her when she was done nicely and sat down at a table. Hardly anyone comes in.. Even though this is where I got that chance to meet Joel Madden.
She grabbed herself some coffee and sat down across form me with a face expression that meant, "Say whats on your mind."

"Okay, see Joe... theres this guy and hes everywhere I look. But everytime I see him, I get reminded of my brother.But... I'm in love with his twin brother. And I've never talked to Be... his twin brother before. And the guy that's following me around it seems is dating my roommate." I said in one breath.

"Okay Joel Madden reminds you of your brother, how?" She said with a sly smile on her face.
"How... never mind. Because my brother idolized him but Joel didn't do anything. My brother died because his friends pressured him into doing things. He knew he shouldn't do them. He overdoused. Sid, he killed himself." I said quietly.

She grabbed my hand and told me it would be okay. I knew she was just trying to help.

"Now, you said you loved Benji?" She laughed a little.
"No. Maybe. Just a little." I chuckled.

"Then we just got to go find Benji and tell him to marry you."
We talked a little longer about stuff and laughing.
It felt as if we were drunk off of coffee. Maybe it was just the caffeine. By I didn't have any.
"Sid, did you do something to my dirnk?" I laughed.
"No." She laughed harder.

It seemed like two minutes but in reality it was two hours. "So, when I see Benji, Imma march right up to him and shout "Benji Madden, I Love you!!" I laughed harder and Sid did to until she stopped and tried to signal me to stop too.
"What?" I asked turning around.

"Oh god." gasped from my lips.
There stood Benji Madden with a great big smile on his gorgeous lips.

"Bye Sid. I got to go." I said walking past Benji out the door.

I got home to find Joel and Buzz on the couch.
"Gross." I sighed as I walked into the kitchen.
What's your problem?" I jumped and turned around to be, once again, face to face to Joel.
"Joel, I just got one thing to say: YOU SUCK."
I tried to walk by him to my room but he blocked it.
"Why?" He asked sounding mean and hurt.

"You remind me of my brother." I said whispering.
"Did you not like your brother?" Joel asked.

"I loved him." And I pushed past him.
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