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Why does he want me>

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I guess I should explain...

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"Joy! meet me there in 20." I said closing my phone.
As I was walking downstairs, I heard giggling.
"God! Why are you always here...." I paused.
Because who I was looking at wasn't Joel.

"I thought you were with Joel." I stated outloud.
"I am." she laughed.
"Okay, So why is he here?" I swear it didn''t come out rude it sounded.
"He's here to see you."
My face dropped.
Okay Kt, Lie about last night. Say you were drunk or something.
"Why? I've never met him before." I said shaky
"Last night." He wiggled his eyebrows.
"Excuse me?" I said like I was effended. Which I really wasn't.
"You don't remember?" He asked acting hurt.
Hurt my butt. He doesn't even know me and a trillion girl throw themselves at him. Why should I matter?

"Well.. No. But I got to go. I'm meeting someone." I said in a mysterious tone.
"A boyfriend" He asked.
"She doesn't have one." Maggie happily volenteered that information that wasn't his business.
"Good." He smiled. God, that smile is so beautiful.

"Joy! You don't understand! That was THE most awkward and weirdest conversation I ever had in my life!!" I skreitched.
"Shut up! Your one of THE luckiest girls right now, You know."
Joy smiled.
"Whatever." He's not even interrested, is he?
Joy rolled her eyes at me.
"Please, don't be so Joyful." I said sarcasticly.
She started cracken up.
"I understand." I sat there and waited until she was done.
my phone was ringing. It said private so I didn't answer it.
The it rang again. This time it was Sid.

"Come hang out with us." I stated.
"Okay, See you soon." and we both hung up.

"Does Sid know?" Joy asked.
"She was there last night and this thing just happened this morning so..." I was done.
"Go on." She sat there.
"You know. she knows about last night because she was there." I said. Sometimes... I worry about this girl.

"Is this who you were meeting?" I heard. I turned around and my day was ruined.
There stood Benji, Maggie, and Joel.
(( Incase your wondering... Maggie= Buzz. Buzz=Maggie.))

"As a matter of fact. But another friend is coming and then were leaving." I said.
"Why is she so rude?"
"I'm not rude!" I said turning around.
I know it was either Joel or Benji so now they are both on my bad side.
"Sorry." He said.
We just sat there in silence. Come on Sid.

Where are you?!
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