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Oh Noooooooooooooooooo.

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Poor Sid. :'[

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Sid didn't stand me up, She was in a wreck.
Me and Joy went to go visit her and the 3 annoyingettes came too.
I was doing soo good. Sooo good without them.

Everytime I look at Joel, I see my brother. I don't want to hate him... It's just that I do.

Whenever I see Benji... I fall in love over and over again.
Mag... Well, she's just there.

Shes a good friend and all but she opens her mouth too much. Like today for instance.

Sid isn't too bad. A broken bone or two and some bruises and cuts. Nothing dramatic like coma or something along those lines.

I'm not very good at playing hard to get because I think it makes them think that I'm not interrested. Well... I am!

Just because he walked in on me shouted my feelings toward him doesn't mean anything. It just means that he knows. Big deal right? Literally.

I don't like hospitals so I left early, Sid understood. I took Joy home and I went home myself.

I changed into my comfortable p.j.s and got comfortable on the couch to begin reading one of my vampire fantasies novels. I love vampires.

But I love different types of books too and it's really rare to find me reading.

Not 5 minutes after I sat down... The 3 annoyingettes walked in the door laughing and shouting.

I looked up at them sending death glares to shut the fuck up.

Like I said... Reading is rare for me and when I do read, I want to be able to enjoy it. They instantly shut up and went into the kitchen. I heard them talking and it just so happened to be about me.

Oh, how I'm so lucky to be gossiped about.

I just so happen to be thirsty.

Once I entered the kitchen, all the talking slipped into a whisper mode and all eyes were on me.

"So, Kt. What are you doing tomorrow?" A madden said.
"Working." I lied.
"Lier." Maggie goes and opens her mouth again.
"I'm picking up Sid from the hospital and then I'm going to do whatever I want. Better?" Where is this attitude coming from?!

"Geez. Sorry I asked." Benji said.
"Why do you care anyways? You don't even know me." I said calmly.
"I would like to change that." I don't go straight to a date.
"There has to be a heated and intense conversation. Once that step is complete, then you can ask me out."
I said walking back into the living room.

Soon I felt the couch sink alittle. "Can I help you?" I asked Joel who just so happens to be sitting there. I wished it was Benji.

"I don't know how to put this and I don't mean it to be mean as it sounds..." He started.
"Continue." I said not looking up from my book.
"Why are you such a bitch?" He asked me looking in my eyes.

"Sorry." I said, still not looking up.
"No your not." He said. Like he knew.

"Listen. I'm not in the mood. My friend just got into a wreck and I'm trying to enjoy this book before I go to sleep. It's not everyday you find a book in my hands." I said looking at him.

"Whatever. Later." And he walked back into the kitchen.
Somehow I fell asleep on the couch.

I felt myself being lifted an I opened one eye to take a peek at whats going on.

I was in Benji's arms, bridal style being carried to my room. I guess Buzz told him where it was.

He laid me down and pulled the cover to my chin.
"Benji?" I asked still with sleep in my voice.
"Yes?" He said turning around to face me.
"Am I a bitch?" I asked like a little kid.
He came over to me and sat down beside me on the bed.
"You can be. If your talking about my brother, He's trying to be your friend. Maybe you should give him a chance." He suggested.
"When did you want to go out?" I asked.
He just looked at me with shock in his eyes.
"Whenever your free." He said with a smile playing on his lucious lips. I'm free everyday for you, hunny.
"Friday?" I asked. Tonight is Wednesday.
"Great." He smiled again. I did something I wanted to do but I couldn't.
I grabbed his face and brought it down to mine. I gave him a light kiss. Not like a kiss kiss but not like a peck either. It was like in between.

Goodnight, baby!!
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