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Jason realizes that he needs more men to continue his campaign, but where is he going to find them?

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-Jason looked over what was left of his army. After all the battles they had weathered, less than a fourth of the men that he originally started with remained. Jason had to admit that Jeffery was a better strategist. He had led his men into an ambush, apparently using his Jason's own people. It had been made clear that his advanced force had been wiped out, and that the soldiers who had returned and led Jason's men into a trap had been impostors, or traitors. They had disappeared after the battle. Jason guessed that they had retreated with the rest of the demons, but it was also possible that they had somehow blended back in with the army, and that thought concerned Jason. At any moment, nearly a dozen hidden assassins could strike at him.

-Jason's thoughts were interrupted as Ross walked up and saluted him. The man had a large gash on his left arm, but he was doing his best to ignore it. "Sir, the recruited demons are guarding our flanks, and the rest of the men are preparing to move out," reported Ross. "They await your orders."

-Jason waved his hand over Ross' arm, and the wound healed up. The lieutenant flexed the muscle a few times to test it out and then nodded to his general in appreciation. Jason looked over the men that were wounded. Most of them had taken survivable injuries, claw gashes and bite marks mostly, but there were a few who were dying.

-Jason knelt next to a young man who was trying to hold his intestines inside of his stomach. He had been ripped open by one of the demons that had attacked and, without aid, would soon succumb to his injury. He looked at Jason, trying his best to maintain his composure as blood trickled out of his mouth.

-Jason looked into the man's eyes, and he looked at the dozens of other men lying beside him. He had lost too many people already, and he wasn't going to just stand by and watch more of his men parish. He summoned up all of his willpower and held out a hand to all of his men, silently commanding all of them to heal. A white light flashed in his palm and healed the wounds of all of his people, even those on the verge of death.

-Within moments, all of Jason's injured soldiers were on their feet and gearing up. Many of them looked at Jason with a reverence, as if he were a god. Jason nodded with approval over the results and then walked to the edge of the chasm. Below him, hundreds of corpses rested upon each other like a morbid tapestry with a crimson background, humans and demons alike; they were so mixed up that Jason had difficulty telling them apart.

-Jason reached inside himself once again, taking hold of the chaotic energy that permeated the his being, and he held his hand out over the mass grave. A light brighter than that of the sun erupted form Jason's palm, illuminating every dark crevice in the ravine. As his light enveloped the corpse covered landscape, Jason felt his willpower leaving him, drained by the effort. He tried to tap into his rage, tried to remember his anger at Jeffery's atrocities against the world, but Jason had become so accustomed to death that the old images no longer fazed him.

-Jason dug deeper, searching the very bowels of his soul for his pain, and he found it. Sarah, Kikki, the girl he had cared for, even loved; the girl that had betrayed him. The thought of her and the pain of her betrayal lit a maddening fire in Jason's belly the exploded outward, and the light shone ever brighter as Jason yelled out, "Rise!"

-One by one, the lifeless bodies in the chasm became animated once again. Their wounds quickly healed, and they arose, obeying Jason's command. Demons and humans all climbed up the black stone walls where their master waited. They crawled slowly but surely to Jason's feet where they awaited further orders. The humans no longer had their souls or personalities, but they could still fight, and that would do for what Jason required of them.

-Jason saw the gigantic monster that he himself had killed climb out of the death trap, it's wounds fully healed. He walked up to the beast, placed two fingers against the top of its head, and gave it the spark of consciousness. The beast jerked immediately and began to act like more than an automaton again. Jason then held out his hand and willed a chunk of the Dark Territory to morph into the form he desired as it floated through the air to the beast's back. By the time it reached the desired spot, the stone had turned into an elaborate saddle that bonded to the reptile's scales. Jason jumped up, seating himself upon his new post as held up his sword. "The order is given," Jason said. "We march on the castle to put and end to this!"

-"Hey, that's cheating," Kikki whined.

-"Would you like me to undo Jason's little resurrection performance?" Jeffery asked with an teasing smile.

-"No," Kikki giggled. "The more the merrier."

-"I agree," Jeffery said as he reached down and scratched Chaos' head. the manic beast panted with excitement, its long tongue hanging out and drooling on the floor. Its large red eyes watched the images on the sphere with excitement, even though it didn't truly understand what was going on. "It would have been boring to smote such a weak host of enemies."

-Jeffery looked at Jason from the viewpoint of one of the doppelgangers that had reintegrated into the human army. The creature was so close to Jason that it could have probably killed him several times over if Jeffery had wished it, but Jeffery wanted that pleasure for himself; to give the honor to a peon would have been a waste.

-He watched as Jason began to march his army towards the castle before waving a dismissive hand, signaling Angel that she could stop. She closed her eyes and furled her wings, and the images dispersed. Jeffery then turned his attention to his other generals. Hellen looked furious, clenching her fists and snarling at the empty space where Jason's image had been. Jade stood diligently at attention before him, awaiting his command, while Scylla leaned against a wall with her arms crossed and head down, no doubt deep in thought. Kikki was perched like an animal on the back of Jeffery's throne with her head tilted slightly and a childish grin on her face. Her tail swayed back and forth like a cat's. Siren and Marrow were both absent, mustering a defense against Jason's army, and Raven sat quietly by his side.

-Hellen roared in anger and punched one of the stone walls, nearly shattering the thick stone. "We could have taken him if his mongrels hand't interfered!" She growled.

-"Oh of that I have no doubt," Jeffery said. "If Marrow and Siren had been with you, I'm sure you would have made quick work of our young friend, Jason."

-"Yes, why didn't you send them with us," Jade asked. "They both had a score to settle with him, as Hellen did."

-"True," Jeffery agreed. "But if you defeated Jason now, what fun would there be for later?" He stood from his thrown and walked to the terrace, looking out over his world, a world that had been invaded. without turning back, he issued his orders: "Jade, send out your scouts to keep track of Jason's progress from the air. Scylla, you will work on a way to counter Jason's resurrection trick; things could get tedious if he just keeps brining back everyone we kill. Hellen, you will work with Marrow and Siren to organize the beasts for another battle. You have your orders."

-"What of me, Master?" Kikki asked.

-Jeffery glanced at Kikki over his shoulder and shot her a smile. "You are free to do as you wish until I summon you." He waved his hand and dismissed his generals. The women left, except for Raven who remained seated, watching her husband with keen eyes. Jeffery walked over to the cracked wall that Hellen had damaged and pressed his palm against it. The cracks sealed up as the wall repaired itself, and Jeffery sighed; he didn't like seeing his girls so upset.

-As if on cue, Raven gently wrapped her arms around Jeffery from behind and pressed herself against him. "Come with me, and let us forget about Jason and his army for awhile," she whispered into his ear. He smiled and followed her to their bed chamber where he found a young blonde woman tied up on their bed. Jeffery smiled at the naked girl as she struggled against her bonds to no avail. Jeffery and Raven approached their helpless victim, closing the door behind them.

-Kikki closed her eyes and smiled as she listened to the muffled screams that came from her master's bed chamber like a sweet lullaby. She tried to think of a way to keep herself busy while her sisters prepared to fight Jason. She thought about Jason and how much fun it had been fighting beside him without her sisters around. She had enjoyed being the center of his attention and leading subordinates that could talk. As she thought about all the fun she had had with Jason, she got an idea; she would spend her time with him until her master needed her. Kikki smiled to herself as she made up her mind and opened a portal to go back to Jason; it would be fun.
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