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Old Friends

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Kikki appears before Jason with the intention of assisting him until Jeffery recalls her, but what will Jason's reaction be?

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-Jason and his men traversed the twisted landscape of the Dark Territory, pointing their weapons at every shadow, every suspicious looking rock. They had been traveling for hours without any real resistance, and the deeper into the heart of the Dark Territory they went, the fewer demons they encountered. Either the hell spawn were running scared, which Jason doubted, or they were gathering somewhere else.

-Since Jason's army was now back to full strength, plus a few newly recruited demons, they were forced to move at a steady march which was slow going with the scouts stopping every twenty feet when they thought something seemed suspicious. Despite the fact that Jason was eager to crush Jeffery once and for all, he wasn't going to let his impatience lead him into a fatal trap. Jeffery had already proven that he was an expert at laying an ambush.

-As the beast which Jason had named Serf lumbered on, a brilliant sphere of light appeared before them. Jason recognized the phenomenon as the same thing that had ferried Jeffery's generals away. Jason's men wasted no time in taking position and aiming their weapons at the illuminated ball. Serf snarled at the disturbance and went rigid with anticipation of a battle. Jason calmly drew his sword, ready for another fight.

-Rather an a horde of demons, or Jeffery's generals, or any other number of nightmarish concoctions that Jason's imagination could conjure, what emerged from the portal was a red haired girl with a long tail that had an arrowhead end to it. She stepped forward, unarmed and with a pleasant smile on her face. She winked at Jason and asked, "Miss me?"

-Over a dozen soldiers answered her by rising their weapons and aiming them at her head. Jason raised up a hand, telling his men to hold their fire, and Serf moved closer. "What are you doing here?" Jason asked.

-Kikki smiled at the question and answered: "Master said I could do whatever I want until he needs me, so I thought I would come and see what you're up to."

-"See what I'm up to? I'm up to planning the downfall of your master, and your sisters, and every demon that gets in my way!"

-Kikki shrugged, "Sounds like fun."

-"Fun!" Jason cried. "Do you think this is a game? You betrayed me!"

-"Of course it's a game," Kikki answered, not loosing any of her cheer. "So lets have some fun. You can play too Ross." She said, switching her gaze to the rugged lieutenant

-The scar-faced man chambered a round in his riffle in response. "Give the word sir."

-"That suits me," Kikki said as she made her staff appear in her hand and twirled it. "I was planning to stick this in your ass anyway."

-"Stand down," Jason ordered as he sheathed his sword and dismounted Serf. "What chance do you really think you have fighting all of us? Four of you couldn't beat me; you're just getting yourself killed."

-"Ok," Kikki said, putting away her weapon. "Lets have sex instead."

-"What! You're an evil demon; why would I want to share my bed with you?"

-"You already have," Kikki said with a wink. "Or did you forget already? I promise you'll remember this time." When Jason's only response was to stare at her in disbelief, Kikki waved a hand over herself, and her appearance changed back to that of Sarah. "Does this help? If you like, you can even call me Sarah again."

-"Give me one good reason why I should trust you again," Jason said.

-"I can guide you safely to the black castle," She answered. "Come on; if you don't trust me you can tie me up. Might even be fun."

-Jason gritted his teeth; he knew she was right. Who better to lead him through the land of demons than a demon? Jason also knew it was a good opportunity to try and get information about what Jeffery was planning, and he might even be able to persuade her to defect. Sure she was a demon, but Jason still had feelings for her, even if he didn't want to admit it to himself.

-"One sign of treachery, and my men will kill you."

-"Ok," Kikki giggled happily. She jumped over Jason and landed on Serf's back behind its saddle, patting the seat for Jason to sit in front of her. Jason looked at Ross, and the lieutenant nodded; he would keep an eye on the demon girl and kill her at the first sign of trouble.

-Jason climbed into the saddle, and Kikki wrapped her arms around him. Jason sighed as he coaxed Serf to move out ahead of his men. He didn't want Kikki to be within arms reach of any of his me, just in case any of them decided to act out on their own and try to kill her. Jason's mind was still reeling from the sheer audacity of what she had done. After acting as a spy, betraying and even attacking him, she had just shown up, no apology, and carried on as if nothing had happened. She either had nerves of steel, or she was totally insane.

-Ross and the other soldiers all had Kikki's head in their sights, but Jason had no fear of her. She had gone out of her way to expose herself to him; it was hardly an effective way to assassinate someone. With her ability to alter her appearance, she could have had a far easier time of killing him. For some inexplicable reason, Jason believed her. She just wanted to be with him until her master called her back to his side. Jason promised himself that he would defeat Jason and free sarah from his influence. Then the two of them could live happily ever after, or so he hoped.
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