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Chapter Seven

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Chapter 7

Original POV

I had just gotten home from school when I got a text. I mean this wasn't all that surprising considering that I get texts like every 10 seconds. But this time I was actually excited to read it since it was from Ryan. Ryan Ross was text messaging me. I still couldn't get over that. I read the message:

Hey, r u out of school? -Ryan

I stared at the message. What could he want?

Yeah, I'm out. Why? -Nick

Waiting, waiting, listening to The Academy Is... and more waiting, and after one minute... "Oh, I'm ready for it, come on bring it" flip open and...?

O ok, good, just checkin. U wanna do sumthing? -Ry

Aw that's cute...wait...WHAT? Want to do something?? Like together like alone. Eeek I'm not ready for this. Gah, wait I cant type this response. Aw fuck it I'm calling him, love his voice anyway.

One ring.... Two-


oh god I think I need to change my pants (XD)

"Hey, Ry. I figured it'd just be easier to talk about this over the phone. The back button on my phone doesn't work so I make so many mistakes its annoying so yeah, umm I'd love to do something, but I have some work to do. And thank god I was quiet enough when I got in last night that my mom didn't catch me so I'm not in trouble...yet." WHY WAS I RAMBLING????? Wait calm down ok.

I could hear a muffled laugh on the other end, "Haha, ok. Um how about tonight? Are you free to go out tonight? To go to a movie or maybe stay in and watch a movie? What do you think?"

Cue internal scream "Oh that sounds great! What do you want to see?" I asked.

"Are there any good movies out?"

"If there are any, I've already seen them. Like Pirates, Shrek, seen them all." I've been going to the movies a lot for some reason...

"Oh, ok well do you want to just come to the bus? And we can get some take out and rent a movie?"

Wait? The bus? Like be on Panic! At the Disco's tour bus??? Oh dear lord my poor heart can't take this.

"Yeah! Excellent." I said trying to contain my enthusiasm.

"Ok what about 6?"

"Um hold on." I went to the kitchen to downstairs to ask mom if I could go out tonight. I didn't mention with who, she wouldn't approve. So I just said friends.

"I want you back at a reasonable time. You have school tomorrow you know."

"Yeah ok" I said going back up into my room

"Yeah my mom says that's fine but I need to be home at a reasonable time." I rolled my eyes. My mom is so annoying.

"Ok. See you then."

I was about to respond when I realized one important detail, where is it??

"Wait! I don't know where the bus is." I said.

"Oh yeah that's right. Haha. Um how about I come by your house and pick you up?"

Ah Ryan Ross on my door step now that's something that I'd love.

"Ok." And I gave him my address and we hung up.

It was about 3 when we got off the phone. I had 3 hours before he came to get me. So I got to work. Did my French homework, Oui, je parle francais. Then I did physics and trig. That took a good chunck of time and when I looked up it was just past 5. It really doesn't take me that long to get ready so I wasn't freaking out. I got up and took a shower. Then changed into the jeans I had been wearing today, and a black tank top and my fav hoodie, reversible with black and white stripes on one side and just plain black with little white wheel looking things on the other. Love that thing. I wore it the black side out because I put on my favorite hat, my black pin stripe fedora. Then I did my make up: powder eye line, eye shadow and mascara. Done and just in time. 5:55. Make a wish! I closed my eyes and wished. Then went to the front hall grabbed my book and sat on the couch.

Then I heard the doorbell, the sound I had been longing to hear for 3 hours. I ran to the door, made sure my hair was ok in the mirror on the way past, then opened the door.

There in front of me stood Ryan Ross in all his golden god glory. The instant I saw him all the pressure I had been feeling from school, my mom and friends went away. All I saw was him.

"Hey" I breathed.

"Hey" He smiled. "You ready?"

"Yeah just gimme a sec." I ran back in grabbed my purse and yelled to my mom that I was leaving and got out.

We walked down the porch and stood at the bottom.

"So....." I said

"Lets go get a movie or two then we'll grab some food and head to the bus. Is that ok?"

"Of course" I smiled

We walked over to blockbuster and looked through the movies. We decided on Edward Scissorhands. It was just a Johnny Depp sort of night. Then we went over a Japanese restaurant and grabbed some sushi and some other nummy food then headed to where the bus was.

"So, um, this is the bus." Ryan said gesturing to the mass of metal looming before us.

"Wow. Its huge. I mean I imagined it would be huge from the amount of people on it but seriously!"

We entered and I realized as I headed on that all I heard was silence. God I hate silence and that's all I heard.

"Um, Ryan?"


"Where is everybody?"

He blushed "Oh, well, they all decided to go out for the night."

I smiled "Ah, ok. So its just us?"

"Yup that ok?"

"Yeah. So you want to get started? With the movie and stuff?"

"Uh sure. But do you want a tour of the bus first?"


He led me back through the bus. There wasn't much to see, a bathroom, the "kitchen" (if you could call it that, the lounge area, where we would be watching the movie and the bunk.

"This is my bunk." He said pointing to a middle bunk in a row of three columns of three beds stacked on one another.

"oh wow its so small."

"Yeah, it gets kinda claustrophobic sometimes."

I leaned in and took a look.

"You want to see what its like?" he asked


"Get in then!"

I crawled into the small area.

"Oh what's this?" I said picking up a book.

He blushed then snatched the book out of my hands and clutched it to his chest.

"Uh, this is my diary."

"Oh." I said looking down.

"It's really personal. Nothing against you, I mean not even the guys read it."

"Ok. I get it."

He crawled into the bunk with me.

"I'm sorry. I get kind of protective and touchy when it gets to my personal things. Really, I'm sorry." He said quietly putting his finger under my chin and bringing my eyes to look at his.

I smiled weakly "Ok, its ok I understand."

We sat there just staring into each others eyes. He started to lean in and I closed my eyes and sighed. Then I moved and dropped my left arm over his stomach and rested my head on his chest and sighed again.

I wasn't ready to kiss him. Believe me, I wanted to. Oh, dear lord did I want to, but I just couldn't, not yet.

Ryan's POV

We were laying in my bunk, staring into each others eyes, my finger under her chin. I leaned in to kiss her. She closed her eyes and sighed. I smiled, but when I was just a few millimeters away, she moved her face away from mine and rested her head on my chest instead.

I leaned back onto my pillow confused. Why didn't she kiss me? I put my right arm over her left, which was draped across my torso and lightly ran my fingers up and down her arm. I wrapped my left arm around her back. I subconsciously rubbed her back. This is the most relaxed I'd been in weeks. As we laid there I just thought about nothing in particular when I heard a rumbling noise. I started to laugh.

Nicky's POV

As I lay there, his arms wrapped around my body, his hands tracing my spine, I was so relaxed. I loved just laying there in his arms. Then, a rumbling came from me and he started to laugh. I groaned.

"Stop laughing! You're bouncing my head!"

He laughed harder. "Was that your stomach?"

"Yes" I pouted "I haven't eaten since 10:30 the morning."

"You wanna go eat?" He asked

"Mmmmmm, yeah sure. Lets go."

"Ok." He kissed the top of my head and rolled out of the bunk.

We moved forward in the bus to the "kitchen" and grabbed the sushi and heated up some of the other food we bought. Then we moved to the lounge. I sat down on the couch and Ryan put in the movie. He sat down next to me and we ate as the movie began.

The movie was half way through and I was leaning on Ryan, whose arm was around me. I was nodding off when I felt a pair of lips near my ear.

"You getting tired?"

"Nuh mmmmm" I mumbled shaking my head and nuzzling into his neck.

"Here" he said moving to lie down and pulling me with him.

We laid there with his back to the back of the sofa and my back to his stomach. His right arm was under his head and his left arm was draped over my torso. I nestled against him so that every line of my body blended with his.

I started to feel sleepy again.

The last thing I remember hearing is "Hold me Edward" "I can't"

Then, "Night, beautiful."

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